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Chetcam--Meeting the Bus

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Every afternoon, Mether takes me along to meet the chirrun at the bes. I love my chirrun. Their names are Phoebe and Liam. This is one of Mether's very old pictures of them waiting for the bes on their first day of school. They are much bigger now.

I know exactly what time the bes comes and I always walk into the studio to tell Mether thirteen minutes before it comes. That's how long it takes us to get to the bes stop.

Hurry, let me out. I have to do a quick chiptymunk round before we go. Do not worry. I will be back before you buckle your seat belt.
I run around the side of the house
and through the garden bed. Then I put on extra speed to surprise bunnehs in the backyard, and end up at the front porch. Some chiptymunks might be there so I sniff under the porch and in the hostas.
Where is Mether?
She is still inside. I can hear her shuffling around. Come on, Mether.

She's here! I run to the car!
The dogwoods are out and the scenery is beautiful. Here is your photographer, in the rear view mirror. You can even see my camera.
This meadow smells like heaven to me. I can smell bunnehs and deer, too. I think there are mice there. Maybe they are voles. I always get them confused.
I wish Mether would let me hunt this meadow. It smells of deer.

We are at the bes stop. I sniff the air and wait.

It's the bes!

Phoebe always takes my seat now that she weighs enough to sit in front. This is how I like to ride.
My sister Phoebe is talking about her day, I think. When she gets in the car she talks a lot to Mether.

Mether drives us home. She has strong arms.

When we get home Mether lets me out at the corner so I can chase any bunnehs that might have snuck into the yard while we were gone. I am very fast.
Sometimes bunnehs hide under the pines in the backyard. I let them know who is boss. It is me, Chet Baker.
Mether takes so many pictures of me. Here I am, birdwatching in the tower on a May morning. I ask Mether to set up my bar stool when I get bored standing around looking at Mether and Daddeh's knees.
I am enjoying being a photographer, but I think Mether needs to buy me a better camera. This one only takes pictures of my lips. And there is so much more to me, Chet Baker, than soft lips.

Although that is one of my many charms.

Now that I am a photographer, I can tell you more about what it is like to be me.


I like that all of Chet's pictures are a little blurry and cock-eyed. It makes it feel more like his perspective.

My, you do have strong arms.

Within a half hour seven school buses drive through our neighborhood every afternoon. Our dog Gidget knows which one brings her kids. How do they DO that?

...that was a lot of fun! Loved seeing the world through Chet's eyes!

This is a hoot! I love me some Chet Baker, photographer and essayist.

I am in GOOD company--can't keep track of mice and voles, either!
Thank you, Chet.

oh chet, you are such a ham! so glad we can finally see things from your perspective!
and you have the sweetest face of any boston i've ever seen....

I think Chet Baker needs a blog of his own.

Chet Baker is a great photographer and storyteller! It must be fun to download the photos he takes.

Thank you for all the nice words. I do have a blog of my own. It is Mether's blog. I think you would all agree that I am the star. Mether says she don't need one more thing to do.

Gosh, Chet Baker, I sure wish I knew what your voice sounded like. Mether, er, Julie has given me a good idea of it but I am not familiar with the accentable's in your area.
By the way, the chippymunks and bunnehs are out now in BC, too! And ravens. The ravens love to tease Miss Meira. Do they tease you, too?

Dear Chet:

I saw a Boston Terrier today at my office. He was nice, but not as nice as you. His name is Sherman. He loves to play Frisbee. He brings his Frisbee to his people all the time. "Throw the Frisbee," he says, over and over again. When they throw it, he jumps and catches it and brings it back for them to throw again. He has sprained his toes from jumping and landing hard too many times, so now he can't play Frisbee for a while.

Do you think he could get a camera and learn how to take pictures and write a blog like you do? It might give him something to do while he is recuperating.

I love your pictures of your family and what you see out the windows and especially what it looks like when you run very fast in your yard. Do you get dizzy from running around the house so fast?

Your friend,
~KatDoc (NOT DogDoc!!!)

This is hilarious! Chet Baker, Ace Reporter! I can see the awards show now! Oh, and he already has his tux! All he needs is a red carnation and a bow tie!

The last two posts are funny enough but I think watching you put all this together would have been a riot. I wonder how many times you laughed out loud at Mether. :o)

I enjoyed reading this sequence so much. I especially liked the rearview mirror photo Chet. You had to look hard to see..."is that a dog?" Verrry funnneee.

Posted by Cheyanne (Shy Ann) May 16, 2009 at 5:09 PM

Chet Baker has a nose for great pics. I especially like the shots while he is lounging. You are looking through his eyes while he is laying on his side and relaxing. it makes me giggle!

This has been a hoot for me being home bound for the past week (mono is great). Thanks Julie! Thanks Chet!

Hee Hee...terrific post chet baker!

My name is Derby and I am a boston terrier that lives in the Cuyahoga Valley. My Aunt is an avid birder who visits your blog and told my mommy about chetcam. I would love one of those! I love to snort down chipmunk holes and I love to give as many kisses as possible to everyone I meet!! Thanks for the insight in to your day:)

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