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Monday, May 18, 2009

Although it appears from the buzz on the Interwebs that many people had fun at the New River Birding Festival, I doubt that many had more fun than Chet Baker.

Photo by Mary's View. Yes, he is on top of the picnic table, being petted by several people at once. To say Chet Baker was treated like a rock star at the New River Birding festival is a serious understatement. He was treated like the Doggeh Lama.

If you look up "tuckered out" in the dictionary, there will be a picture of America's favorite blog dog after the Orangutangs gig on Saturday night.

Susan was a little concerned to see the Life of the Party looking so...hangdog.

One of your little massages will help, Miss Susan. But I am too tired even for treats.

Are there any other pretteh ladies who would like to make a fuss over me?

 Chet had been interfacing with the public for three whole days. He hadn't had his usual 12-hour naps. He had places to go, people to see, interviews to grant.

To answer your question, my favorite thing about the New River Birding Festival would probably be the crowds of people saying I am cute. 

Give me that microphone. That is the last blogger interview I am going to do. Here's your sound bite.

Sometimes it is tiring being "on" all the time. Sometimes a person just wants to relax on a couch.

But there is always someone plopping down beside me, thinking I am lonely. This person thinks I need to hear some dog jokes. He is wrong.

The Boston Terrier is not called the American Gentleman for nothing. I will be aloof, but cordial. I am always polite.

I think this man they call Paco needs to take some depressants. He is too chipper for 11:30 at night.

Perhaps fame is not all it is cracked up to be. All I want to do is curl up in my fleecy bed. Mether? You probably never expected me, Chet Baker, to say this, but I am tired and I want to go home.

All right, Bacon. Sweet dreams, and jerky on your pillow.


Long live the Doggeh Lama!

Oh, man...the pics of Chet sitting next to Paco: Make me want to cry! Chet looks like he is about to burst into tears!
Why did we keep him UP SO LATE???

I think we were all looking a little glassy-eyed by the end of that most awesome ROCKIN' night!

Is there any other dog so well-loved by so many in the birding world? I would have to think not! Poor baby, too bad he got all pooped out!

I'm still laughing & grinning from ear to ear. That poor baby was deliriously exhausted - at one point early in the evening I sat on that same sofa with him and watched him fight the urge to collapse across my lap. He needed someone to tuck him in.

Good Dog Chet, a human kid who is that tired would have had a melt-down! CB just looks like he is going to melt with exhaustion. There is nothing more comical than an weary dog fighting to stay awake.
Fun post.
Caroline in the Black Hills

doggeh lama! arf arf!!!

Dixie Trixie (Lady Devonshire of Avondale)

Aww, Chet.
Such a completely exhausted puppeh--and always the gentleman.
Love you, Baker.

Poor puppy.

Such a trooper! I come here to see an example of a well behaved dog. I can't imagine taking Bear to an event.

Doggeh Lama? You're an absolute hoot, Julie! I always love reading your Chet posts. You're one of my very favorite writers because of your wit and quirkiness. Keep 'em comin' pretteh ladee!

Poor Chet -- he's cute even when he's exhausted. I'm glad he didn't disappoint any of his loyal and devoted fans.

I love Chet Baker too!

Tired, but still handsome. Tired, but still entertaining. Tired, but still loving and tired but still loveable. That's our Chet.


Come, lay your head on my pillow, little CatDog. I will let you sleep the day away and not even make you hunt for chippitymunks and squirrtles, since there aren't any in my yard.


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