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Keepin' to the Sunny Side

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thrill report: Bill and I tiptoed into an enormous Barnes and Noble in Columbus on a recent Saturday, hoping to find Letters from Eden nestled on one of its shelves. Downstairs are the really sexy tables, with big green signs saying, "NEW NON-FICTION" and the like. A quick check netted nothing there. We took the escalator upstairs (yes, the store was that big) and there, in the nature section, was my book, displayed cover forward at the end of a shelf.
A man-span away was Jane Goodall's new book. OSSUM! The event seemed to merit some kind of notice. Bill of the Birds did a gannet-like sky-pointing display, accompanied by some gutteral, harsh calls. Awk! Awk! Awk!My editor, Lisa White, emailed to tell us that Letters was indeed on the New Non-fiction table in a Boston Barnes and Noble. Would it be uncool of me to spread a sleeping bag under said table, to keep a close eye on unsuspecting customers?

Upon downloading these photos, I noticed that, in the one of me holding the book, the sun appears to be shining out of my butt. As happy as this moment was, and despite the hopelessly self-aggrandizing nature of this post, I can assure you that this was but a shaft of sunlight, beaming in a west-facing window.

I'm now into the 80's, of the 182 orders thus far. Here are the choices I make every evening. Shall I mow the lawn, or sign books? Shall I make dinner, or sign books? Shower, or sign books? The lawn is 8" long; the kids are gaunt and hollow-eyed, and nobody wants to come near me.
If you'd like to add to the general neglect being suffered by my family and home, you can order Letters from Eden here.


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