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Bed-making, Boston Style

Monday, September 18, 2006

Chet's usual attitude on beds:

Breed trait: Boston terriers like to help make the bed, but they're about as much help as the average two-year-old. Chet Baker's idea of helping is to get made up in the bed, under the fitted sheet. When he hears the flap of bedspreads, he comes running, leaps up, lands in the middle of the sheets, and dares you to displace him. He loves large expanses of cloth, especially when they're flapping.
The moment he gets under the fitted sheet, a change overcomes this normally gentle dog. He turns into The Gremlin. He skibbles around under the sheet at high speed. You can only tell where he is by the wet spot his nose makes when he stops. (And the largish lump under the sheet, and the clop of his jaws as he snaps away). If you lift the corner to peek at him, you don't find Chet. You reveal The Gremlin. His eyes get buggy (well, buggier); he growls a lot, and he snaps randomly at anything nearby.

It's downright scary.
Wall-eyed Gremlin. It only comes out at night. This is the Monster Under the Bed that we've all feared since childhood.


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