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'Tain't My Fault

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Gentle Readers:

Yes, I'm postless today. Which is now yesterday, Sunday. But it ain't my fault. Blogger's doing it again. Wanky stuff, won't take photos. The earth is wobbling on its orbit. I have another especially juicy Chet Being Bad post, and Blogger is ignoring me. It pretends to upload my photos, even tells me it's DONE, and nothingnothingnothing. Nothingnothingnothingnothingnothing.
I am so pathetically photo-dependent that I won't even pretend to post without them. I mean, I could go on some kind of rant about whether the Luneau Video shows an ivory-bill or a pileated, but you'd see right through it. We all know that Chet Being Bad is so much more compelling and important. And besides there are plenty of people ranting about that bird, be it bird or phantasm, anyway. There is only one Chet Baker, and he is trapped in Blogger Limbo. And so, to bed. Here's hoping that Blogger takes a massive dose of Ex-Lax and calls me in the morning.



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