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Cheap Fun in Whipple

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Warning: Smash-faced dog pictures. Those of you who are allergic to smash-faced dogs, you go forewarned.
Last Christmas season, there was a Boston terrier on the cover of the Land's End catalogue. It was wearing fake antlers, and it was extremely cute. We got several copies of that cover in the mail from people who knew we'd love it. The first thing I noticed about the dog, though, was that somebody had given it cute lips.
Cute lips are sort of a Boston thing. I'm sure boxers and bulldogs get them too. When they're puppies, they get them all the time, but when they get older and their jowls start to hang down over their lips, they sometimes need an assist. In this picture, Liam is gently rolling Chet's lower lip out for that patented Boston pout.
It's probably overkill, because Boston terriers are pretty darn cute to start with. Here's the result:Awwww. Cute lips.

And now, Bill, Phoebe and Liam with human cute lips. Photo by Chet Baker.Thus do we amuse ourselves on cold spring nights.

I am just home from the orchid show in Columbus, having left at 8 this morning. Shila and I went completely nuts. Cindy the Forester hung out with us but did not abandon herself to the bacchanale of spending as we did. She was a model of restraint. We saw Dave Brigner and he gave me a scarf he had knitted that looks just like sparrow feathers. The kitchen table is now full of orchids, mostly of the cattleya alliance. I'm too tired even to put them in the windowsills. It was a perfect day. More anon. I'm going to gloat, then to bed.


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