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Junco Tracks, Dog Tracks

Sunday, January 8, 2006

Phoebe drew her initials on the cement bench outside, and a junco added its tracery.

Chet is particularly interactive tonight, so much so that he has been banished to the studio to hang out with me. This little animal spent his first 9 weeks with cats, and he seems to have studied their locomotion. He leaps to chair backs and tabletops with the same fluidity. He stomps across stomachs and shoulders and even drapes himself across your head if you sit still long enough. I love this strange behavior, of course, but he's 21 lb. of solid muscle, and it's not quite the same experience as having a cat walk across you. Storytime is punctuated by the shrieks of our kids: "Auugggh! Chet! Cut it out!"


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