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Chet's Sweet Again

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Under the heading of: Ain't nature wonderful? here's a dispatch. I was all set to bathe Chet with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda again tonight, because I just couldn't stand how he smelled. He stank up everything he touched. Then we went out for a two-hour hike in the warm sunshine. And when we came home, he smelled exactly as he should. I think the sun broke down the molecules of skunk odor, because he went from QUITE skunky to odorless in the space of that hike. How cool is that?
Like my little son, I have a super-sensitive nose. We both sniff things first to learn about them. When Liam gets a new toy train, the first thing he does is press his nose against it and smell it, then offer it to me to smell. I can't say what we find out from this, but it's essential. So it was torture to have dear little Chet smell so skunky these last few days, because the kids and I love how he usually smells (I can't speak for Bill).
Poor Chetty's so tired tonight, flaked out and limp as a washrag. There's a full moon, though, and even though he's beat, Liam's a NUT tonight! Now to try to get him into bed.


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