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Giant Otters on NPR

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'll be on All Things Considered this evening March 17, 2009, talking about getting bitten by an Amazon Giant Otter. I enjoyed everything leading up to the actual bite.
It should air near the end of the show; i.e., between 5:30 and 6 pm. Eastern time.
If you miss the broadcast, you can listen after 7 pm Eastern here.
You can also go to and leave a comment there, to counterbalance all the people who are sure to write in, hopping mad, to tell me what an idiot I must be to pet an otter.
OK, now scroll down to read today's post about a peanut butter factory. It's a big ol' goofy world, in'it?


Darn, missed it . . will have to listen via the website!

Heard this wonderful story on the way home from work, and so happy to now hear you are from Ohio as well!

People like you help draw the line between animal "lover" and animal "admirer."

Leigh Peterson, Go Fetch Gifts

Boo - the link on the NPR website isn't working properly. I hope they have it fixed by tomorrow!

Maybe the link will be working tomorrow. It's OK - I remember your post and how much I loved it.

Really exciting adventure! Appreciated your story ---
Hum..... don't touch wild animals? :)

The audio link was fixed as of 10:45 Tuesday night. Go have a listen if you please!

Julie, I just listened to your piece. Thank you- a well told story on many levels.

My dog Bear holds his rawhide chewie bones just like that when he's chomping on them.

Caught the story on Wyoming PBS yesterday. What fun. Hope otters don't have rabies!

There is a hole between Tuesday and Thursday! Where is my Wednesday? I fret all week how I am going to get thru Friday and Saturday and then NO WEDNESDAY. I just can't!

Great story... I love your sense of humor!! (Sounded really many "takes" this time???) ;-)

I love the story and thank you. A friend sent me the link to your blog because my son's nickname is Otter. He picked it up because our drinking club buddies thought it was appropriate since he was a water born creature.

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