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Not Saying Goodbye

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Living free at last, but seeing no reason to leave.

I've gotten such a smile out of your comments about the phoebes' release. It's a story I couldn't wait to tell. It isn't really good- bye when we open the tent. The best thing about releasing young birds is that they rarely leave. They hang around the yard like dirty shirts. After all, I'm their momma, and the living is easy with Mom around. Phoebe was all in tears (well, so was I!), Liam was loudly professing his sadness, and Bill was a little choked up too as they made their fluttery way out of the tent. Luther went first, of course, being the smarter, more adventuresome one. Avis got all flustered and couldn't figure out how to get out (you have to fly down to go out the doors.) Luther circled back and clung to the netting, chirping to Avis. They got quite frantic before Avis finally made her way out.
Phoebe fretted and sniffled, worrying that they wouldn't find each other. But find each other they did, and Phoebe even got to feed them some mealworms and crickets by hand before dark. We put their dish of mealworms out next to the birch clump where they settled, and checked on them every now and then. They played with the leaves and preened and relaxed. At nightfall they were gone, doubtless hidden in some high, thick vegetation. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Methinks 'twill bring a pair of phoebes, chipping for their breakfast.


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