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Friday, June 16, 2006

Here's Chet Baker, watching us as we put up a large screened tent for the baby phoebes, who began flying today. I like the deep intelligence in his eye. He seems to be evaluating our work.

Taking a hint from beautiful Robin Andrea, keeper, with Dread Pirate Roberts, of the New Dharma Bums blog, I'm going to take a break this weekend, and tell you all about Fledging Day for the phoebes on Monday. I figure it this way: I get only spam in my inbox on weekends, which tells me that most folks are out doing stuff and not plopped in front of their 'puters. We're running around like mad on weekends. Softball tournaments, guests, cooking out, breaking up constant kidfights, gardening and that kind of thing. Add feeding baby phoebes to that mix. Phewww. See you Monday!


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