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Baker Likes the FedEx Guy

Monday, June 12, 2006

Oh, yes, he does. Chet Baker hasn't really met anyone he didn't like. This dog does not normally accept biscuits. He is much more a liver treat or Trader Joe's chicken breast jerky kind of guy. But when the FedEx guy comes with his Boone and Crockett milk bones, Baker is very happy. I think it's mostly that someone bothered to give him something special.
The bandana is an affectation imposed upon Chet by Phoebe. He likes wearing them. Here, he's trying to decide whether to eat the bone or bury it. He went with eating it.
All the delivery people like Chet Baker. He comes out barking like mad, and then his ears go back and he leaps up and tries to lick their faces. I know, my dog shouldn't jump up on people. My fault entirely. But Boston terriers are made of Flubber, and jumping is one of the things they do best. Say, "WOW! Your dog sure can jump!" and it spurs him to even greater heights. We're talking 4 1/2 ' from a standing start.
Of all Chet's toys, about his favorite is this soft nylon lead rope. He will hang on and let us swing him around. He enjoys flying.You'll have to forgive me this fluffy post. I've switched over into scullery mode. I've been cleaning the house for three solid days. I get up at 5:45 and start picking stuff up. Today I finally got everything picked up and put away, and started the actual floor washing and bathroom polishing. Phew. This house just seems to go on forever. And Liam is a little wrecking crew following right behind me. I'd just finished washing the studio floor (I know, that sounds like a nonsequiter) and turned around and Liam was doing a large painting on manila paper, slopping poster paint all over the still-damp surface. I was hauling the heavy vacuum out of the closet, having finally cleared the living room floor, and he began setting up wooden train track even as I plugged the machine in. Liam, like nature, abhors a vacuum. So does his mother.


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