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They're Just Here for the Dog

Thursday, April 13, 2006

A little to the left, ahhhh.
We're delighted hosts to Sharon and Bill Stiteler, better known as Birdchick and NonBirdingBill, for a couple of days. What fun to have them here, when spring is coming on strong. We spent time last night having a turkey dinner, and getting to know each other better. Although we're pretty sure that the real reason for their visit was to meet Chet Baker. Baker finds nothing strange in that. He loves having guests. So does Liam. He's all over Sharon like the white on rice.
Sharon and Bill brought Chet a cute stuffed monkey with a grass skirt and bikini, but Baker took its eyes out and unstuffed it within ten minutes. So he went back to his old friend, the Postman, who can take more abuse.
NBB threw Chet's rope toy repeatedly, sending Baker into transports of happiness.
Being productive sorts, Sharon and Bill are attempting to extract some video footage from their Indigo Hill adventure, and to that end we hiked deep into Beechy Crash today. Chet, who had been bathed in cherry-almond shampoo yesterday in honor of our guests, found some really foul coon ca-ca and rolled in it. Then, he chased some heifers, and started sucking up to NBB, as he was out of favor with me. But when everyone else turned toward home and I decided to do the rest of the Loop (I can never get enough hiking in spring woods), Chet peeled off to keep me company. That's my boy.


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