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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Looking for the right Christmas gift for the bird-lovers in your life? I have ideas. I have just ordered a mess more "Four Seasons of Birds Keepsake Box" notecards.  Zickards, as FloridaCracker calls them. Four seasonal designs, with 16 cards and 17 envelopes in a magnetic-closing keepsake box. They're really pretty. And I am hard to please. (Thank you, Galison/Mudpuppy; you do fabulous work!

 The backs are covered with my sketches and writing. I love them and use them all the time. So buy extra, some to save, some to send, some to give as gifts. We love bulk orders.

When I launched the first push for notecard sales here and on Facebook, I was blown away by the response. It was awesome, and for about two weeks I did nothing else but pack and send cards out.

What surprised me was the photos people sent of their pets with the cards. There was a regular photosalon of cute pet shots on my Facebook page!

 There was Stella the cat. 

And sweet Cooky the dog. She is a music lover, obviously. She got a CD, too.

And a mess'o pups from Harma!

Mr. Bean is a music fan, so he ordered a Rain Crows CD. He must've known that was the one (Dream of Flying Dream) with the Turtle Song "Little Soldiers" on it.

But Looks Like Rain is awesome, too. 

Here's somebody's pet Eiffel tower. :)

and what has to be the leggiest, prettiest Dobie on the planet.

If you look in the right sidebar of the blog, you'll see handy order buttons for lots of Zickmerch. I'll be more than happy to pack some gifts up for you.  Don't miss the limited-edition art prints. 

We love bulk orders here at ZickMerch. If you want to order more than the order form lets you, just write me a message on the order form and we'll work it out.  Don't worry--the order form comes right to moi. Staff of one. Packing up some presents for you will be a nice break from painting baby birds. Which I am now doing. All the time. 

Don't forget The Bluebird Effect. Surely you know someone who'd love it!

I miss forsythia. Almost as much as I miss shirtsleeve weather.

Thank you for perusing this little ad. Wishing you a peaceful Christmas, a happy Hanukah, a kewl Kwanzaa, a fabulous Festimas.

JZ and Christmas Sweetness!


I am thinking of buying some of your beautiful notecards. Merry Christmas to you.

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