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Phoebe Comes Home

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Phoebe had it all planned out. She hadn't been home since the end of August, and here it was Christmas, and she wanted to surprise Chet Baker. Surprise him she did. She also bewitched, bothered and befuddled the little gemmun.

Speaking of the Three B's, my iPhone chose the exact moment Phoebe walked in the living room to tell me it had no free space with which to record a video. Or so much as a photo. So everything you see here is Bill's work. Thank you, B.

This is a video portrait of a Boston terrier, amazed. Seeing a person he loves very much, whom he wasn't expecting, just walking into his living room after four months of goneness. He's just flabbergasted. All he can think to do is sniff her over, make sure she's real. Kiss her. Punch her with his front feet and kiss her good. And then GO GET A PRETZEL TO CHEW ON!! This is Chet's happy thing, chewing something while people laugh and talk all around him. She's home! I need something to chew on.

  Phoebe seems to want him to make a bigger deal over her, but Chet's never been a howler or a crybaby. He's a gentleman, through and through, and he has a certain gentle, quiet dignity about him. There's a point at which he kisses her, then sits with his back to her. That's a dog's way of saying, "I know you. I trust you. I will protect you. You and me against the world. We're a team. And you may scratch my backus."

Even when she swoops him up while he is trying to chew a pretzel. He continues chewing the pretzel.

Even when she chews HIM.

Have you ever tried a Boston terrier? Many parts are edible. 

She flops down on her great big bed, for the next month having a whole room to herself. Life is good for us all. That thing a-layin' right there is my big Christmas present.


Chet Baker is beside himself with happiness! I think that his going for the pretzel is the equivalent of a human saying, " This calls for a drink!" I'm glad that one of his favorite humans will be with him for an extended visit. Phoebe looks wonderful; she is such a beautiful young woman!

Chet is thinking..."wait....she's here. Will she leave again?" I loved the sweet gentle kiss. Just precious.

It's awesome when they come home.
Chet is such a funny pooch..."I must chew!"

All sorts of happiness, right here. Love every bit of this. Thanks for sharing it!

Hehe the moment his cute little brain overloaded at seeing one of his missing people. "'re HERE?!?!"
Let's see...when I came home from college, one of my childhood dogs had just died (he was 15 and died during finals. my professor found me crying in the hallway.) The second was my mom's dog who never really liked me, but she was pleased she had someone to glare at again (You. Sitting on my couch. *stink eye*). The third dog was my corgi who was always good for some wiggle butt and GAROOOOOs.

Chet Baker said, "That is far too long for my sister to be gone!!"

Dogs & cats remember. Sometimes in their own good time. Had a cat that one d had to give up - whenever she came home he would hiss @ her & generally ignore her for 1st day - then it was business as usual!

Adorable, both of 'em!

We KNOW how much he missed her...we've all seen him moping... So this relatively restrained greeting is so funny (and un-doglike in my experience). I wonder if he talked himself into believing that she was never coming back. And now he had to rethink everything again.

Hey I thought this was so sweet. They BOTH missed each other unbelievably, Bacon there just had to have a few minutes to process.

awwhh, this brought tears to my eyes. The utter sweetness of having your daughter come back after months away. I get to see mine in a few days!

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I cried--plain and simple

my dog would not be civilized about a long absence like that- there would be jumping and yipping and maybe even some mouthing ....and then there would be distrust and guarding and circling :(

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