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The Squash Prank

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ever have one of those days when you don't accomplish anything you set out to do? Me, too. I can honestly say that on Squash Prank Day, the Squash Prank was the best thing I accomplished. It went like this. I was cleaning the kitchen from the previous night's dinner, and I took a cookie sheet out of the oven to wash it. I had baked a large butternut squash on the tray, and in the course of baking it exuded a long trail of sugary juice that bubbled up and went black, then solidified to the texture of very friable, dried-out meringue.

It looked awful and wonderful at the same time. I was seized with the desire to preserve it. I fetched some card stock, some Elmer's glue, a scissors and some spray fixative. I gently worked it off the pan with a spatula and glued it to the card stock so it would hold together better. Or at all.

Then I sprayed it with a plastic coating of art fixative to seal it and keep it from dropping carboniferous crumbs everywhere.

With an X-acto knife, I cut the card stock close to the shape of the exudate, producing this portable, re-usable unit of yucch:

And placed it on Phoebe's new corn-yellow carpet in her ever-perfect, just-so, highly atypical teen girl's room.

The brief, police-whistle scream, followed by a quavering, "Moooommmy??" from down the hall was worth every bit of the effort. I'm saving the Squash Prank for later deployment on Bill. He'll never see this...

Mether. You know who he will blame it on.



LOL! This is too funny. Poor Chet Baker! Poor Phoebe! I am sure that they will both get you back!

That's it. It's official. You're my hero.

My sister did a similar prank with a small, dark brown fingerling potato. It became a gag gift that got passed back and forth for years. I hid it in a box of chocolates one year.

Got sidetracked, huh? That's the BEST kind of day. You are my hero, too!

Oh no...ahahahahaha.... burned butternut squash sugar is PERFECT for that!

(Is Chet getting a little gray around his eyes...?)

Posted by holly-the-person December 28, 2010 at 11:24 AM

hee hee hee heeeeeeeeeee, BRAVO, Julie! You inspire us, and Chet will forgive you. (GREAT photo, Chet!)
Miss Weezy in TX

HHAHAHAHAH, and it looks so real.

I see I should have started visiting long time go for these wonderful helpful tips on how to preserve stuff.

poor Chet probably gets blamed for at least 5% more stuff than he ever does himself (...I know the feeling Chet).
Somehow it all reminds me of an old Steven Wright line: "99% of lawyers give all the rest a bad name."

Bill, Phoebe, and Chet: You have my deepest sympathies, but that was so funny. Prank perfection!

You are an evil genius!

Revenge is going to be sweet for some one, and when you least expect it.

that is the funniest prank i could possibly think of!!! could you mail me one?!

KKS, I'm afraid the Squash Prank is showing its age. It has shrunken and fractured down the middle. Bill of the Birds poked it with his finger, not being fooled for a moment when it appeared in the middle of the bed. Just when you think your husband isn't reading your blog... Poo. Next time, maybe the Not Squash Prank, right, Chet Baker?

And Holly, Chet is looking more distinguished every day. I am contemplating taking a Sharpie marker to his gray. Grecian Formula for doggehs. He did just turn six, after all.


Well, once again, you made me laugh out loud. Thank you!

I am a new reader and already loving your blog so much {grin}
This made me laugh out loud!!! eeuw! hahahha, you are my kind of mummy!Oh no! I have just read further down the comments and the fake poo is broken eeeek!!hahah ah dear its made me chuckle again!

That thing was HUGE!--You got one out of two--not bad for a prank. You have a great funnybone Zick. I laughed out loud at it too.

Posted by Anonymous December 29, 2010 at 7:45 PM

Hilarious! You are my kind of woman!!

Posted by Anonymous December 30, 2010 at 6:49 AM

You have an auxiliary brain of an eight year old boy and that is very rare.
So is your sense of humour


What goes around comes around. Watch your back! But it was really, really funny!

haha hilarious :D
Inspired me to try it on my brother who is a clean freak.

I also get inspirations from Scary Pranks Hub

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