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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Many people are not aware that the Boston terrier is a hibernatory animal. 

It goes to sleep in mid-December and wakes only to eat, tussle, tear stuff up and do its business until the weather warms again in April.

Its gentle rolling snore may be heard in many households across the world.

The Boston terrier seeks out the softest habitat it can find. It is attracted to down and fleece, for it seeks warmth above all else.

However, it may sometimes be found positioning itself over furnace registers or next to space heaters, much the way Florida manatees gather at power plant outflow vents for life-sustaining heat.

Please turn it up to High. 

Its underparts are very sparsely furred, such that the skin may be seen right through its hair. It hates coming into contact with snow especially.

An unusual and somewhat unexpected adaptation to heat-seeking in the Boston terrier is tool-using. In this behavior, the animal creates a sandwich of two or more beds, and instead of sleeping atop it, crawls in between the layers. This allows the animal to get up and stretch or get a drink of water and cover itself back up without waking its caretaker. That is a maladaptive behavior, and the Boston terrier innovates in order to avoid it.

This behavior and configuration of bedding is called Dogburger.

From mid-December on, only small bits of the hibernating animal are usually seen.

In response to hearing its name, the Boston terrier may briefly expose its kissable bits, but they are quickly withdrawn back into Dogburger, lest they lose heat.


:) I've had bostons since I was a kid! This one is just precious! :)

Bugs is currently wrapped up in (of all things) a zebra striped *Snuggie* -- thus, he is almost completely invisible, but if you look closely there's a kissable bit sticking out.

Such a gooey-sweet post -- I LOVE it! I can't live without dogs; I've decided I must have two after losing the only one I had (my heart dog, no less) abruptly to cancer and being totally bereft. Chances are I wouldn't lose both of two at the same time....

such a lucky dog!!

I'm smiling all over the place. I need to share the love!

JZ, you really just need to start a second, independent blog entitled

In the similar adaptation Catburger, the cat is entirely enclosed between quilt One and quilt Two, and when the cave of choice is on the bed only used for flopping on to read the thesaurus, frequently results in Flatcat. Flatcat is noisy.

The Dobermans just came and told me it is time to put on their sweatshirts. It will be cold here in Florida tonight so the lucky manatees will be huddled up by the power while Dobermans will insist upon sweatshirts and comforters. Hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas!

Great humorous morning treat.

Too cute, Julie! I think it's amusing that he'll actually tuck himself under the blankets. Love how he smiles in his sleep.

Dang Chet is cute.
Bear was in exactly the same (pic #5) belly up, legs akimbo pose on the couch this morning.

You have just described my Boston "Fred" to a tee, he is a heater hog, whatever the source. I call him my fire log hog dog. Or space heater hog dog. I love it. I haven't a clue what I do without him. I am so glad I found your site. Not many Bostons (that I have found anyway) here on the west coast. Such good dogs!

Posted by Mary in Oregon December 27, 2010 at 10:59 PM

love cute.

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