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Now We are Six, Chet Baker!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

 He is perfect. At six, Chet Baker is exactly the dog I would have designed, had I been able to do that in one stroke. Instead, it took many small strokes to paint him.

For we build our dogs from the ground up with the love and attention we pour into them. He is everything to me, as I am to him.

 We love all the same things: raindrops on morning glories, and deer in the meadow.

 Innocent young birds who need to be watched, loved and protected.

Autumn walks on Dean's Fork. Let me OUT! There are horses I need to nuzzle.

                           Live music. After kissing everyone in the band, Chet keeps an eye on Mether at all times during rehearsal.                           

You rang? Do you need someone to sit on your lap now? I am the dog to do that.

photo from the New River festival by the most fabulous Sara Stratton

You probably cannot hear me, but I hum along to your songs. I know most of them by heart now.

Chet Baker, I know you by heart, too. Long may you run beside me. Happy birthday, Best Dog.


Sweet Boy, Happy Birthday Chet!

"...we build our dogs from the ground up ..."

...and they return the favor. I am the product of many fine dogs and am grateful to each and every one.

Happy birthday Chet! Love that last picture. Regal!

Happy Birthday, Chet, you and Mether make every day special for me 'cause I don't have a doggie like you to love!

All stiffly here. Happy Birthday, Chetty. You're Mether's angel.

Beautiful tribute to a fine looking canine.

What a nice tribute to a great dog. Happy Birthday Chet Baker!

What a beautiful ode to love... I can't wait to meet you Chet Baker!

Arfy Boofday, Mr Baker!

I was 6 once... it's a very good year Chet!

Happy birthday, Chet! Six is a wonderful age, prime of life for both dogs and people. (We have an old gal who is sixTEEN and still going--the indomitable terrier spirit.) Hope mether gives you extra lovin' today (as if that were possible!)

Good boy, Chet.

Happy birthday, Chet. And many many more--for you (and for your dear mether).

Happy Belated Birthday, Bacon!!! What a good boy you are...

Happy Birthday, Chet--the handsomest dog ever. Long may you roam beside your Julie!

I so enjoy Chet vicariously, Julie. What a sweet boy. Happy birthday.

Happy birdday, Chet Baker! Still lean and mean, buddy.

Chet is the finest, shiny-est, most sincere dog boy in all the world.

Just LOVE the ears!

I discovered and have loved birds since very early in life, however, I only recently "discovered" dogs (many many decades later). While I still do love birds, I am now a dog-person and unabashedly smitten with all dogs.

Thanks for sharing Chet Baker with all of us!


It seems we've been hit with the same stick. I can only echo Floridacracker's comment:

" '...we build our dogs from the ground up '...

...and they return the favor. I am the product of many fine dogs and am grateful to each and every one."

I've only had two dogs in my life: a dachshund when I was a kid, and now Chet decades later, and I wish I had granted myself the delight a long time ago. Those of us who've discovered dogs later in life all had to come around to it in our own way. I know people who really, really need a dog but just haven't come around yet-- may never-- and that makes me sorry.

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