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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In the special wrinkle in time that is my life lately, I post about leaving just as I am returning from a ten-day trip to Guyana. If that doesn't make your head hurt, nothing will.

Chet Baker hates it when I pack. Much as he loves the rest of the family, he is My Dog, and he doesn't let anyone forget it. I have taken to scattering dog beds in every room so he can sleep at my feet while I work. When I'm gone, I'm told he spends hours sitting at the foyer window watching the driveway, my own personal Greyfriars Bobby.

So when I began gearing up for this trip (from which I am now recovering), Chet Baker parked himself in the suitcase, a time-honored cat trick to keep one's owner from packing properly.

Who could leave a doggeh as cute as me?
This suitcase provides the perfect support for chewing my dinosaur.
I think you should leave it here for me all the time, and never take it on airplane trips.
Because you cannot take me, Chet Baker, on airplanes.
As you read this, Chet Baker is undoubtedly greeting Mether with multiple face washings, and making unpacking just as interesting as packing was.


Welcome home, Julie!! Ant-ed blogposts are all very well, but I'm DYING for the caiman story. Hope you had a fantastic trip and a joyous homecoming.



I love your stories about Chet Baker.He seems so sophisticated. We have little dogs too. 3 Mini Dachshunds, Barbie, Reina (smooth Black & Tans) and our newest member, Winnie (red-wire). They are fun and keep us on our toes too!

Ah yes, the time honored tradition of sitting in an open suitcase.

Another reason they do this is that they instinctively know that we will be pining away for them so they leave a little piece of themselves (hair) for us to take on our journeys. Such caring animals we have!

Welcome back! Just in time for the Thanksgiving crazies! At least you won't be in an airport this Thanksgiving, will you? I thought I remember one Thanksgiving where you were.

Welcome home Julie! What adorable photos of your baby in the suitcase. I know he was most happy about Methers return, as are we. Now, we can't wait to hear about Guyana.

Welcome back! Oh the dirt that comes out of those jungle clothes. I just started the unpacking of the wet, perpetually damp stuff and added as much detergent as possible to the wash and turned the dryer as high as possible - I want those clothes to burn dry! I go back to line drying in a few days when I finally feel dry clothes on my body.

I had a dog that used to watch me pack and then when I wasn't looking would slowly unpack me and carry socks and underwear off to her little hidden cache. Many times I discovered this in a hotel where the price to wash a pair of socks (if I was left any) was more than the cost of several pair to buy. Damn dog. I love seeing Chet Baker making you pack around him. Fantastic!

PS - You've got until the weekend to blog ant but then your readers demand Guyana, Guyana, Guyana. I can't wait. I am hoping to get my Peruvian Amazon adventures going by then too. And DK leaves for the Amazon in a few weeks. The jungle calls.....

dinosaur to chew on...!?? give that poor doggeh somethin' with seams and eyes to pull out for gosh sakes!

See? I tol' you. Jest put up C.B. pics, and the whole blogosphere visits you! Welcome home! Now, tell us about the CAIMAN!


PS: I used to have a dachshund who hated to see me go back to college. She would sit in the suitcase, too. Once I closed the lid on her (this was in the days of hard-sided luggage) and waited. After a few minutes, I opened the suitcase, expecting her to jump out. She blinked and stared at me: "I thought you were going to take me with you." Miss that dog, sniff.

Greyfriars' Bobby: just about the best (and saddest!) dog story ever. I'm glad Chet has a happier vigil. Welcome home!

While I know of cats climbing in suitcases, I have never known a dog to do that.
Trust Chet Baker to boldly go where no dog has gone before.

Home again. Sweet home, sweet hugs from the family, and sweet Boston licks...

I know the curled body, wild eyes, incessant jumps for joy, and the joy Chet feels when he sees you - finally...

C&B both unpack my suitcases as quickly as I pack them.

Rest well after that incredibly wild trip. Enjoy the memories, and please share?

Happy Thanksgiving, Julie.

Welcome back to the chilly US of A. I'm glad your travels went well and all is right in Chet Baker's world again!

Totally awesome pictures of Chet Baker.


Your blog is amazing! I love those lovely pictures... I feel like I was there...I tend to take nature for granted...stir my desire to be aware of what's going all around me...Nature it amazing and mysterious...always keep you in awe for this beauty.


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