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Missing Tennessees

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm happy to say that I still have warblers in the yard as I write this. They're all yellow-rumped warblers, the most behaviorally and dietetically flexible of all the wood warblers. Right now, five of them are flitting around a pile of suet dough on the deck railing. I've never had that happen before. A Cape May warbler sampled suet dough briefly in late October, but it was in the company of yellow-rumpeds. And we did have a pine warbler eating it early last spring, but this gobbly little bunch is unprecedented. They've actually figured out how to beg--to get my attention from way in the kitchen.

I thought I'd share some photos of a bathing Tennessee warbler, taken in September.

The post next to the Bird Spa is often the vantage point from which birds make up their minds about bathing. Ooh, looks good. I'm thirsty, and I could use a bath, too.
I'll flutter and ruffle my wings. It will feel so good to be in water!
The durned thing about starting a bath is that everybody else wants to jump in too. Copycats.
A Tennessee warbler has a reputation to uphold. We're tuff.
Hello. I believe I was bathing here first.
And I happen to like where you are bathing.
I'm sorry. Am I in your way?
Don't mind me. I bathe a little large.
Well, excuuuuuuse MEEEE.Better. Much better.
You lazy resident birds need to realize that we long-distance migrants get first dibs on the bath. You can bathe anytime. We have things to do, places to go, people to see. Begone!


Aren't you are the road yet? You have a little migrating of your own to do, Missy. Or, are you taking advantage of the "post now, publish later" option?

~Kathi, impatient to see you

Isn't it so easy to carry a conversation for/with a few birds? You know exactly what to say for them.

Mary (smiling)

Places to go, people to see--of course that's what they're thinking!

Yer funny!

Thanks, I needed that!

Magnificent photos. As a matter of fact -- I've now retired my camera in protest. You really are the quintessential Leo - is there anything you can't do? You can even master time - Einstein is rolling in the grave on this Day of the Dead.

I love it when a large number of birds come in an splash around.


Okay, that does it! My next investment will be a wonderful bird bath!

Another beautiful post, love it.

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