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Rural Ohio Voting

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

At last, the day arrives. It dawns warm and sunny. Mist rises from the hollers as we wind our way to the community hall.It is old and tired, a blue tarpaulin stretched across its bell tower.After one man leaves, we are the only ones here. We wish we could share the space all around us with those who must stand for hours.There had been a rush this morning--40 or 50 people, they estimate, more than these workers had ever seen at one time. Bill checks our stubs. He is number 27. Oh well. Twenty-seven looks like 40 when you live in the country.
They were working on a breakfast cheese ball and laughing, still talking about the crowds they'd seen. I took this picture when the laughter reached a crescendo, not wanting to intrude. In the background, Bill gets up from making his choices, while Liam draws a cartoon and waits. He will wear our stickers proudly to school.
It is so beautiful when we emerge from the hall that I stop and stare.

I feel lucky to be alive, lucky to be able to vote, to black in the oval of my choice.

Black in the oval. The subliminal mind is a beautiful thing. I must let it out more often.

Sleep well. I'll see you in the new day.


I voted early. I was proud to cast my ballot. What makes this year so different than all the others in my nearly four decades of life? I wonder...

Oh, and not to derail a thread unintentionally, but what happened to the "Waiting for the Monarch" post? I wanted so badly to comment on that one... It really touched me.

Go Dalzell! What a gorgeous day.

We had a sleepy little voting experience in the mountains. I am working on that post right now.

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'Sawright, Jason; the monarch post will be back tomorrow. I realized the photos I took this morning wouldn't keep until tomorrow, and I had to honor this special day somehow.

I was #32 in the crowd that waited in the dark outside our rural polling place.
Black in the oval--indeed.

I was number 560--the old ladies staffing my polling place tittered at the number--such a HIGH number.

At my formerly rural polling place in what I used to call the teeth-optional part of the county, I was #1873. I was reluctant to leave my demi-cubicle and surrender my lovingly blacked-in ballot. (It stuck me as fitting at the time, too.)

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I was 973, voted after school with daughter, age 16, in tow. Next presidential election she'll be able to vote herself, she has gone with me to the polls for all of her 16 years.
Particularly significant in that her great, great grandmother, Marie Booth and her sister Marian, were suffragettes in NY City, working to get future generations of Booth women the privilege to cast our ballots.
Our school district was one of several selected in South Dakota to take part in "Kids Vote". Very cool to see how a bunch of 9th graders in an alternative high school took the whole thing very seriously. There's hope.
Caroline in South Dakota

On days like today, I dare dream of a time when we'll have resources to spend here on things like crumbling community centers in the country.

It'll all be good, Julie. This country needs a break.

Last week, I guess I was number 40,000 sitting on my rump in a line of 200? LOL!

Your series of photos are wonderful.

What a day. Even when I don't have a real choice, I cherish my vote. But how I wish I could vote with all of you, and have a vote that has a chance of making a difference.

I know he's not perfect. But he will make a difference.

Congratulations Ohio!!!! Just heard it went to Obama! Whooo hoooooo! Must have been the nice rally? :c)

At 7:10am (Ohio polls open at 6:30am), I was number 25 in my precinct, and there were 3 other precincts all voting in the high school gym (3 township, one village) at the same time. The place was busier than I have ever seen it. The parking lot was full, there were lines at all the tables, and it actually took me 30 minutes to vote. Never had to wait at all before. We even had an exit poll! Never have I seen that.

I like voting on "the day." Seems more official somehow, and I really don't trust early voting. I still think that 3 years from now, someone will fine a box of early ballots stowed away in a closet and forgotten.

~Kathi, finally getting excited

PS: Love the photo of Liam drawing as Bill votes. Train 'em up young, I say. Did they give you a hard time about your camera?


Way to go, Ohio.

I voted in Florida two weeks ago, an early vote ... but I drove a friend today to the polls in Maryland ... there were no lines, but it was in the country.

I believe that would be:

Way to go

Sung without a trace of irony this time.

Congratulations, we're all proud of you. (My Wren-laws are there, celebrating, as well)

I have never loved Ohio as much as I do right now. Black in the Oval!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Ohio!!

Taking AMERICA BA(ra)CK, one swing state at a time... 'tis a BEAUTIFUL thang!


Walking down the street back to my house hearing cheering going on all over my neighborhood. Downtown DC is a crazy street party right now. The streets have been closed and a huge gathering is in front of the White House.

Historic! Unbelievable! It feels like a great weight has been taken off my shoulders.

"Celebrate. Celebrate. DANCE TO THE MUSIC..."
I love Ohio.
And Pennsylvania.

It's our turn now, BAAAA BEEEEE!

I always feel honoured and priveledged to vote...there are SO many(especially women) all over this world who can't or aren't allowed to.

Big ups to those who voted. Voting is the important thing. It should never be taken for granted. It'll be interesting to see the % who voted tomorrow.

Thanks for being a good neighbor, Ohio.

Your pal,


PS - Yes we DID!

Wonderful pictures, Julie! Thank you, Ohio! I was #150 at 6:30 a.m. in my polling place (in small town Virginia) having waited since 6 a.m....normally, i get there at 6 and there are a mere handful of people ahead of me. Democracy in action! Yes WE Can!

Beautiful pictures!! I used to live in Whipple, and, Lower Salem, so, I know this place well.

Our 4 H leader lived in Dalzell. It is very beautiful on top of the ridge there.

Hubby, and, I were number 14 & 15 in our little village here in Western Pa.

Love your blog!


i thought of you last night, watching from massachusetts as ohio!

and i love your subliminal mind ;-)

Celebrate! I was number 30 in line at 6:30 yesterday morning. I usually walk in, vote, and walk out between 7:00-7:05. Not this year! Thank goodness! We bleed blue blood in Pennsylvania! Thank you, Ohio! Thank you, America! Thank you Barack!!!

Love your blog! I voted early and only had an hour or so wait, but it was so worth it. I feel a giant weight lifted off my shoulders by finally feeling like I had a say in this election. Even though my state is so red we glow, a heck of a lot of us went against the grain. Thanks Ohio, PA, FL, etc.!

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