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Zick on NPR

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tonight, on National Public Radio's afternoon news show, All Things Considered, I'll be yakkin' about the Charlie Brownish peach tree in our backyard and how, despite some very bad ideas and some very dedicated raccoons, we managed to get some fruit off it. 

All Things Considered airs at 4 pm Eastern time, and the commentary could air at any time from 4-6 pm. Then again, some important stuff could happen, and it might  not air at all. But for now, it's on the board. Give it a listen! For those who miss it, here's a link to the archived soundfile at

That's five feet of jerry-rigged 'coon baffle there, people.


Quite the impressive baffle. When we spoke about it, I did not realize the tree was so small.

Heard the commentary in the car with the kids just before 6pm. We all yelled, "Julie Zickefoose!" and pointed madly at the radio. So great to hear your voice attached to your writing "voice".

We built a removable chicken wire cage to place over our "dad and daughter" newly constructed square garden -- to keep out the racoons, rabbits, deer, and groundhog. We still have to compete with the pesky chipmunks, though. I know that the he local fox is well fed.

How do the peach farmers keep the critters at bay?

I think if I got any peaches off that tree, I'd eat them. Let the metal shop guys get the farm stand peaches.

Wayne, PA

While home waiting on Tropical Storm Fay, who faked my side of the state out, I also heard your story. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing a piece of your life.

Oh, my! You are so determined and you found the way, girl! Serve up that peach pie with store-bought peaches and save the good ones for yourself ;o) Those warehousemen aren't the only ones laughing... I love you and your whimsy.

Thanks for the link, Julie. Hey, whatever it takes to protect your fruit, right? I can visualize the raccoon coming for an evening visit and finding that he/she cannot get to the fruit anymore. ;o)

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