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Dog Massage

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brookstone sells these little massagers that are tons o’ fun for sore necks and shoulders. Sometimes you can rook your kids into working on your back while they’re hanging over your shoulder waiting to use your laptop, kind of a bribe/reward/timewasting thing.

Chet Baker is into appliances. He likes to mess around, playbowing, when we’re using hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, brooms and rakes. If it makes a lot of noise, so much the better. He is bombproof. This is a dog who pops balloons and play balls for the joy of the explosion, who will grab a paper grocery bag and shake it ferociously to make his own thunder.

So Baker showed some interest when Phoebe revved up the battery-powered massager. He poked me with his toenails and wurrfed.

It would be fine for you to use that on me, Chet Baker.
Ahhhh. I did not know that Brookstone made a Boston terrier massager. That is an innovative store.

The rump is a good place to concentrate on. Dogs store a lot of tension in their bottoms. Especially when they are trying not to fart.

I hope you will massage me again soon. Thank you, Miss Phoebe.
I will now give you a dog hug. Mether calls this a Toddler Hug. She says that I am just the same size and weight as a toddler. She seems to think that is a good thing. What is a toddler, and why would Mether want one? She has you and Liam, and she has me, Chet Baker, her little black son.

I am very kissable.
As I was finishing this post, Chet wandered into the studio, leapt up on my lap, straddled the laptop and positioned himself for a good massage. Coincidence? I don't think so. He got the telepathic picture from me, two rooms away, and came to get his massage. Now there are short black hairs all over the place, keyboard, mousecracks, nuhhhhh.

Update: He is becoming a real pest about the massager. He comes up and stands with his back to you, looking back over his shoulder with a come-hither smile. And when you run the massager over him, he turns his head back and rolls his eyes, or arches his back and raises his head way up and yawns--the ultimate sign of doggy ecstasy. What have we started? And, more importantly, can I come back in my next life as Chet Baker, with a houseful of obedient flunkies waiting to massage my back? Dogs have it SO GOOD.


OMG! This is a good one.
A Chet fix cubed.
Like sweetened condensed milk.

OMG THIS is TOOOO funny!!!
May I die soon and come back as a Boston Terrier under your care, JZ.
Wurf, wuuurf...

"Dogs hold a lot of tension in their rummps, especially when they are trying not to fart"

Okay, I laughed out loud and woke up my kitties!

I have to say in my house it is just a simple cat brush that will get the herd thundering towards me wanting a brush. It has gotten so bad that when I'm brushing my OWN hair with my OWN brush, a cat will jump up on the bathroom sink and try to whack the brush out of my hand.

Great idea to massage the rump area. I just tried it and my dog was in springer heaven.

I don't think I've ever met a dog that tries not to fart.i

Funny OMG was exactly on my mind has I hit comment. This is the ultimate in OMG posts.

Chet Baker is an unsung hero. Do you know how many nights I dragged my aching body and fatigued mind into my hotel room only to be revived by a Chet Baker post? I believe the Baker is single handedly responsible for the success of the Olympic Games. He needs his own statue posted proudly in the shadow of the Bird Nest.

Seriously you have a whole book here right down to the last doggie fart. The Adventures of Baker in Birdland!!

Ahh....A little to the right, a little more. No, back. Stop! Right there! Yeessss...

Well, another blog that I just had to share with my husband, reading it aloud, forcing him to turn away from his computer doing work (WORK?) and look at the Chet Baker pics.

Very cute, both of them!
I was LOLing over the dog butt tension line!
Too funny!

I'm hurting from laughing. The Brookstone Boston - sounds catchy, doesn't it?

All about comfort, schmooze, and love. I wish my two would concentrate on holding back a fart.

Oh way, way, way too hilarious! My kids crave Chet Baker posts and this filled the bill. Much hysterical shreiking and giggling over the whole "farting" thing since they can SOOOO relate to the noxious fumes our sweet little Boston used to produce. Alas, somehow Fox Terriers (while we love our current pup to death) just somehow don't have all the some memorable "features"...

There are some Boston features better not bemoaned.
Baker is cuddled up beside me, collecting his comments. I'll kiss him for y'all.

He is such a smart, smart doggie, that Chet. :c) Knowing he has well trained house mates must make him feel so proud of you all.

I have been lurking for a while thought I would join in.
What a great story about Chet Baker!
I am owned by two boston terriers also!
I always enjoy all of your stories.

If Nellie wasn't such a wuss I would try a massager. What she does is force herself between my knees and stands there until I give the Nellie-Butt-Rub. I have to tell strangers that she is NOT trying to sniff the crotch, but just wants them to rub her butt. They are usually not willing.

My brother's dog, Maggie, used to come up to me when I arrived, give me a proper jump-lick-wiggle greeting, then promptly turn and back up until she ran into me, begging for her massage. I didn't have the luxury of the battery-operated massager, I just used my hands. So just think, it could be worse... Wes.

My brother's dog, Maggie, used to come up to me when I arrived, give me a proper jump-lick-wiggle greeting, then promptly turn and back up until she ran into me, begging for her massage. I didn't have the luxury of the battery-operated massager, I just used my hands. So just think, it could be worse... Wes.

Does the massager make any noise? I would love to try one of these on Sophie, but she'd probably be scared of it if it made any sound.

Holy cow, he is adorable! I had Bostons for the last 10 years, we lost our last one about 7 months ago. :( Reading about yours brought back some sweet memories :)

Fart on dude!

word verification - vicarb.

Does your furry house friend suffer from flatulence?
Give him Vicarb 5 minutes before feeding and your malodourous canine will smell like a breathe of fresh spring air.
Three easy payments of $29.95.

Fart on dude!

One cat loves it. The other disappears when she sees the thing. They're great little gadgets!

Okay so I just found you and so much to take in and the dog, the dog. Wow. We have Greyhounds but maybe I have to be living with such a wonderful black and white sentient being! Thank you.

Somehow I came upon this just now. What a great post. How young Phoebe looks, all legs and arms.
-- Suzanne Wagner

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