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A Summer Place

Monday, August 25, 2008

All right, blogpeople. Is Percy Faith's theme from "A Summer Place" now playing in your head? Are you back in the sixties? Good. Whilst getting my teeth cleaned today I heard Elvis sing "Suspicious Minds" and rocketed back to the backseat of our '67 VW bug, beige, waiting for my mom to come out of the A & P. It was hot, and I fantasized that the car might start spontaneously rolling away with me, helpless, flapping my arms, to end my short life in a terrible fiery crash. I believe now, being a mother, that such unpleasant childhood fantasies are completely normal.

Some summer scenes from Indigo Hill, things I see almost every day, but never stop appreciating.

A nursing doe, caught first thing in the morning.
She and her fawn dawdle awhile, then tell me they've seen me
leaving just the slanting golden light.
The same meadow, from towertop:
And looking to the north, also from the top of the birdwatching tower. (For newcomers to the blog, we have a 42' tall tower built atop our house). You can see the hayrolls stacked along the road. Oh, I love the faded-denim blues of summer hills.Four titmice, points of the compass. It's hard to get a picture with four titmice in it at once, much less arranged just so. They're jumpy little things. Being a photographer at a titmouse wedding would be really frustrating, awful.


Plus, the drinks they serve at titmice weddings are really, really small.

Julie, please ask Titmouse West to rotate by about 90 degrees. He's throwing off the whole balance of the instrument.

What a beautiful expanse to wake up to, complete with blue hills and deer tails. Makes me miss my college summers spent working on the farm in the Texas hill country.

I noticed that troublemaker Titmouse West too. Not a team player.

A 42 foot birdwatching tower?!
Now, how cool is that?

A titmice wedding? Now you have me tittering!

The morning mist rising from the field.
Doe and fawn, nursing.
You live in a most perfect place.

Love the deer in the morning mist - it is almost like they were never there...

The worst thing about partying titmice is they always insist on repurposing the lampshades, as if the party hats they're born with aren't festive enough.

A titmouse Frustrating indeed! :c)

How I've missed titmice, living part of the year in Ontario. I've just bought a house in the PA Poconos, and it's like a prayer answered. Tons of them. And what's with the blue feet?

Those shots of your meadow are terrific. I can almost smell the morning mist.

You think a titmouse wedding is bad? Try catching them at a New Year's Eve party. Not pretty!

~Kathi, who thinks that Titmouse West is merely an individualist, not an anarchist

Coming through to thank you for popping over to my blog to answer my photo question. Thank you so much!

Cool pics by the way. I'm off the check out the rest of your blog.

Titmouse wedding? Hmmm....that is a nice little fantasy.

And yes, hair-raising imaginary scenarios are just par for the course around here. Especially when coming from Vivi.

Those gently rolling hills and the mist rising up around them with the deer grazing seems like heaven on earth. And getting four titmice in one shot - gosh, I can't even get one of them - they are so "flitty." And a titmouse wedding? Now that's something I'd love to see! ;o)

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