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North Dakota is...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Old barns, fancied up, then forgotten

The sweep of a Swainson's hawk against a white sky

A ruddy duck blowing bubbles through an impossibill

A lanky girl against endless space

Eager birders on the hunt for an obscure sparrow

A buff Cochin's tiny challenge:


And a red horse, serenely peeing.
Among many, many other things. Thus end the prairie posts.


And wonderful posts they have been. Thanks for sharing this time with us.

They were fabulous. Enjoyed every one of them. What are we in for now? Can't wait :o)

Great pics, Julie.

I'm just glad you didn't end with the "Road Closed" sign.

Thanks for all the wonderful Dakotan posts and pics, Julie. Wonderful reading and viewing, as always!

Well, you did it again. The Dakotas are now on the list of places I must visit. Oh, to see that sky and feel the praire wind! Thanks for taking us on your journey.

What a great barn. My DIL's grandfather and great-grandfather used to build barns in Oregon. They would cut a star into the uppermost point of the front of the barn before they finished it. Everyone would know they were looking at a Sohler barn when they saw that star. Annie

My blogging friend from California sent me a link to your blog. I was confused at first - you live in Appalachian woodland but you write about North Dakota?

Perhaps you are from here. Perhaps you were on a trip to our state. I guess I must explore your blog further.

Anyway, I have enjoyed seeing these glimpses and stories of my home state. Though I know of Keith Bear, I have never met him.

Julie Fredericksen from Bismarck.

Heard it is your birthday (7/24), so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope it has been a good one.

Oh I always love your blog, and the travel ones especially help me learn more about this country we live in, and the beautiful critters that inhabit it. Makes me want to re-do the travel blogs I've done recently and make then more.... nature-ish...
I'm awed by each photo, each twig and tree and each bird. Then I get to the end of this lovely work and "red horse serenely peeing" totally takes me off guard. HYSTERICAL! I love it!

Happy Birthday!

Love the last pic :)

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