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Well, HeLOO There!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Orchid fanciers among you will remember, perhaps, my disappointment at my Psychopsis Mendenhall "Hildos" when, in May, it dropped a bud that had been forming since February 2008. I'd been watching this spike grow, passing a full yard in height, watching this bud form, delighting in the little elf-shoe curl it attained, only to see it drop off immediately after this photo was taken. Plunk. Oh.

I took comfort in the fact that another bud was forming beneath it, in the hope that perhaps that one would come to open. Fast forward a month. It's 3 AM, and Bill and I are getting the kids ready for bed, having just arrived from Utah: 3 1/2 hours on the road; 6 hours on airplanes. "Was there supposed to be a big flower on that orchid?" Bill asked as he emerged from the bedroom.

"AGGGH!" Suddenly remembering what awaited, I ran to the bedroom to be greeted by THIS.I laughed like a hyena for ten minutes, hollering to the kids to get back out of bed and come see what had happened in the bedroom while we were gone. I was jumping around like Daffy Duck. Four inches across, six and one-half inches high it is, and it dances at the end of a yard-long stem, embodying everything joyous and insane and wonderful about orchids, about loving a plant, caring for it carefully, listening to it tell me what it needs, and being rewarded beyond my wildest dream by a single flower opening.

Let's have a closer look at that little flamenco-dancing lobster. Is that a face I see? Or two?I believe there are two faces here, a mustachioed monkey, perhaps an emperor tamarin, and a beautiful snobby puma. Emperor tamarin photo by AFP/Getty Images, from

See if you can find them.There's another bud forming beneath this one. This time, perhaps, I'll be here as it opens. I want to see how it does that.

NOW are you going to go out and get yourself an orchid? What's stopping you?


Flamenco dancing lobster? Julie of the most extravagant (and apropos) descriptions!
OK, OK--I'll go buy an orchid.

The face I saw was a praying mantis. I couldn't see the monkey face until I saw the photo of the monkey.

I have a black thumb so I'll just enjoy your excitement and photographs.

I have an orchid I bought right before Christmas thinking it would look pretty on our table. A rather ordinary (as orchids go) white job. When I bought it there were about two or three buds open and a bunch more on the same stem not yet open, PLUS a second stem filled entirely with bulbs. So I thought it'd last a while. Well. It is STILL COMPLETELY IN BLOOM. Every one of those buds opened over a period of many weeks, and it has been fully in bloom ever since. Over six full months now. All I can say is WOW. WOW. WOW.

But that orchid of yours. That is really something to see. And yeah, I see the monkey and that snooty puma.

Bulbs? I meant buds. But you knew that.

What stops me from getting an orchid?

1) No good light from any of my windows. First place I have ever lived that is so anti-plants.

2) Plant-munching cats. The only plants that are safe are locked in the guest bedroom, where I neglect them and forget to water them.

3) I need another time-consuming hobby like I need a hole in the head.

4) Did I mention I neglect plants?

I'll just enjoy yours. Such a magnificent bloom from such a tiny bud.

~Kathi, who cannot see the monkey or the puma

THAT is one amazing flower! I see the faces and concur.

Katdoc. Ze monkey, he is on top of ze puma. Look for hees two eyes and furry face.

Ze puma, he ees under ze monkey. Both faces are in ze center of ze flower.

Julie, that is the coolest thing. Wow! I see the face, but not sure about two.

I've tried a few orchinds...not much success, but this makes me want to try again.

Oh...a Rorschach orchid!

Ze monkey, such a hat 'e has!

That's a gorgeous orchid! Somehow, though I live in South Florida where orchids are the most common houseplant, I have escaped from having one. Maybe I'll give it a try one of these days.

That is awesome! I just love the colors. I have several Tiger Lillies that my Mother-in-Law and I planted together. She was a Great Women! I love you blog and will be back often! BTW, the PRN mention in your hook is what brought me by. I am a huge fan of that org.

Hello! I came across your blog from the Nature Blog Network-- that's a beautiful orchid! I did attempt once to care for one, a spider orchid, but I didn't know really how to care for it or where to even begin looking for info how. :X

Hi, C. lorena!

Try the American Orchid Society web site-- a treasure trove of information on care of specific varieties and species. It's essential to know what you have before you start, so you know how to look for information on its care.

OK, now I can see the monkey, but I still can't see the puma.

Maybe he is in the crev-ass. (OLD Smothers Brothers routine)


Oh joy Julie! What a delightful surprise! I am still watching my Nobby's Amy closely and continue to hope for another bloom stem.

I love it... Reminds me of my friend Tony DiTerlizzi's work on The Spiderwick Chronicles.

Hi Julie,
Love this one and the previous posts from June of the orchid table at your south facing window. Gives me something to shoot for!

Posted by John Carlson July 9, 2008 at 6:26 PM
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