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Rabbit Heroism

Friday, June 13, 2008

All my container plants are up on blocks. This is Appalachia, after all, it matches the cars. Actually, it's because I have a rabbit nemesis in the yard who climbs up into my planters and eats everything down to stubs. She chews up geraniums, reducing them to a pile of leaves and stem segments. Some thanks that is for saving her babies.

I am happy to report that the shadbush she bit down from 14" to 1" has resprouted, and is now enclosed in chicken wire. Thought you'd like to know, TreeLady.

On Thursday, July 12, my commentary on heroic rabbit mothers aired on All Things Considered. You can listen to it here.


Looks like a fat and happy rabbit to me!

I think you meant June 12, not July.

My container plants are up on the deck, deer are my nemesis here. Anything else is festooned with chicken wire, very charming.The geranium leaves and segments I have were provided by a 2 am hailstorm, not a 4 footed menace.
My sister is still dealing with killing frosts, not creatures, with her garden in Lander, WY. She hasn't even tried putting tomatoes in the ground yet, figures Early Girls won't be so early for her.
Caroline in South Dakota

I remember your scary baby rabbit post not too long ago and it was a treat to hear you tell the story of the mother rabbit in PA. Very cool.. As usual.

Julie, what a wonderful story and I loved hearing you tell it. While I haven't been commenting, I have been reading about the mining and the destruction to habitat. It does make you wonder how people can be so money hungry and power mad. I have written a letter to Tim Johnson house representative of the 15th district of IL. It may not do any good, but if enough of us write or complain maybe...just maybe. Thanks, for bring it to our attention.

Wow, too cool! Now that I have DSL, I can HEAR Zick's NPR commentaries, not just read them.

Very sweet story, Julie, and you tell it so well.


I know they eat everything, but they are still so very adorable. Nice to hear you tell the story Julie.

When our kids were little, they let their pet rabbits run free in the backyard. They never bothered anything. One morning we went out and had 15 one inch Rose bushes. Up went the new fence.

Have a great weekend.

It's a party here today.
Come visit,

Yes it did, and here I was driving around the GM assembly plant on my forklift with tears in my eyes as I was stocking my jobs...

You get me almost every time!

Thank you!!!


That is indeed a sweet story--tough to balance between protecting baby bunnies, respecting fierce mothers, and saying NO on sharing salad makings.

Oh yes the rabbits are in my garden every morning but so far all they eat is the scattered seeds below the bird feeders!
Nice meeting you! A fellow lover of gardens and nature and listed on the nature blog network too! :)NG

Glad someone else is cheering on the little buggers - go bunnies!

I love the car reference. We have a coopers hawk go throuth the yard every day or two.
Everything freezes and all I can see is rabitt ears sticking up.

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