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Sunday, June 8, 2008


Update on Ruby's mate and brood: I didn't see much of Ruby's mate after she died on May 23. For reasons to be elucidated later, I cut way back on suet dough feeding after her death, so I didn't have much opportunity to see him. I noted the presence of three other redbellies--a very colorful male with rich red belly feathers and face feathers, a disheveled male with some kind of goo messing up his nape, and a plain-fronted female. Finally, on May 29, I saw Ruby's mate at the suet dough dish, and grabbed this shot of him. Here he is. He filled his bill with food and took off into the woods, on the same path he and Ruby always used to feed their brood. They're alive and he's taking good care of them. I thought you'd like to know. I was sure happy about that.

Holed up in a hotel in Fargo, flying home in the morning. Have been without Internet since last Wednesday, which felt kinda good. We've worked at the Potholes and Prairies Festival in Carrington, ND. Think pre-dawn field trips and evening entertainment by BOTB and JZ. Laura from Somewhere in NJ, Ruthie from NatureKnitter, and Birdchick were there, along with Susie who comments sometimes. It was so nice to meet them, and to see Sharon again. Lots of killer pictures of grassland birds to share. It was pretty cold--50's--with a little sun but mostly clouds and rain. It was gorgeous, as always.

Monday we fly home, and then pick up Baker from our friends who kept him for us. I miss his kisses. Zzzzzzzzz. I could sleep for a week.


We've missed and are glad you're coming home. I was especially bummed to have missed this chance at "Potholes and Prairies" - can't wait to see the photos.

We're chasing Black Rails here in Ohio - see Jimmy Mac's blog and mine for the good, the bad, and the beautiful. (The short version: I went after rails and came home with sparrows.)

Kiss Baker for me,


Travel safely. Have a great homecoming with Baker and his kisses :o) I'm looking forward to your P and P report - envious of those who were there, too.

Glad to hear Ruby's brood is OK.


Looks like a wonderful good time with everyone at the festival and wish I could have been there to see everyone! Can't wait to see the pictures!

Kiss the Baker for me and Vivi. I can't wait to hear your stories. I hope all stayed warm and dry.

Glad Ruby's hubby is carrying on and taking care of the little ones. That's heartwarming.

Hope you all had a wonderful time, and can't wait to see the photos and hear more about it. :c)

Safe travels!
Nice to know that brood is being fed and cared for.

Good news.

It is definitely heart warming to hear (and see) that Papa redbelly is taking care of his brood. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to your posts about this past weekend in North Dakota.

Thanks for the update, Julie. I'm glad to hear Papa Bird stuck around to take care of the lil' ones. What a beautiful shot you got to document the moment!

I am always so glad when a blogger does a follow up story on a blog that tore out my heart like the one about Ruby...nice know the male is well and obviously feeding young in a nest...thanks!!!

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