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Buck Bellers

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

There is a young Angus bull in a pasture that's catty-corner to Buck's, over on the next road to ours. His name is Satan.

Not long ago, Buck was put in a new field with his ladies, where he's closer to Satan's corner. He got himself all riled up, and sent out a challenge to Satan.

If you've never heard a bull challenge another, it's a series of short gasps, Uhhh! Uhh! Uhhh! Uhhh! After each series of calls, Buck would paw the ground, sending up great clouds of dust.
I'd never seen this side of him, but it was good to remember that he is a bull, and not some big overstuffed friendly sofa.


I'm always falling in love with Buck because of you.

I thought bellering was a southern term. I'm glad it's more common, because no other word is so descriptive of the sound.

I have come to love old Buck. I hope he won't stay frustrated in the new field.

That second picture reminds me a little of my dog when she purses her lips to talk.

Still man(or bull in this case) enough to challenge the young upstarts!

Can't tell you what Buck is saying. I don't talk bull.


Never go into a bulls pasture unless you can run faster tham the bull.

Buck is one cool bull! I learn so much from your blog! :o)

Who knew bulls could roo?

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