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The Village Greenery

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Come on in! The air is fine inside.

I visited a special shop in Yellow Springs, Ohio, while on my Excellent Weekend Adventure to the Native Plant conference. It's The Village Greenery, and it's in King's Court, right off the main drag of coffee shops and bakeries and jewelry/craft shops that grace Yellow Springs' tourist area. I think that when we sit around and dream of having a shop selling things we love, this would be what pops into my mind.

I like to see people self-actualizing and doing things they love. I'm drawn to people like that, and it never hurts to get a little of their magic fairy dust on you, either.

Awful MonkeyCam shot taken at arms' length of me and the affably adorable Mitch George. I took it just to show him the viewing screen you can turn backerds on the Canon G-11. Mitch used to work in an old-fashioned camera store, and when he saw the little G-11, he flashed on it and started peppering me with questions. I peppered him right back with houseplant questions. We were instant friends.

Mitch has carefully selected houseplants, beautifully presented.

The bromeliads were in a case, displayed under lights like the jewels they are, and obviously happy about it.

I stayed in a home in Yellow Springs that had the prettiest houseplants--unusual, beautifully presented. No surprise to find they were all from the same place. I resolved to track The Village Greenery down.

I walked into the store and immediately sensed the higher oxygen level, the serenity of good plants, well grown. The store is so well-lit any plant could live here for good. My tranquility was the diametric opposite of the feeling that overcomes me when entering the dark, cavernous garden zone of your typical Loew's, where all the plants are silently screaming to me to save them from a dry, dark, lingering death.

The emphasis here is on finding a plant that will fit your situation, so Mitch specializes in low-light tropical foliage plants that will beautify a home without demanding too much in return. He's careful to interview prospective plant owners about their growing conditions before recommending a plant. He says that choosing the right plant for the right situation is the secret to growing success for anyone.

This seemed like an excellent opportunity to trot out my new Canon G-11, the point and shoot that could. Even as it shines at macro shots of flowers and insects, it does an amazing job of shooting low-light interiors, with or without flash. I do not know how it does it, but everything looks more beautiful in my photos even than it does in real life--saturated colors, gorgeous lighting. Dig this:

Doesn't this look like a shop where you could spend an hour and a whole lotta money? It's a good thing I was traveling and it was very hot or I'd have loaded up the car. I saw so many of my old favorite tropicals and some new ones I lusted after. I'll definitely be back to see Mitch and his lovely little shop. If he's not careful I'll bring a folding chair and set a spell.

A magical place on a magical summer morning, whisk of broom, cicadas sawing loud in the trees overhead.


I'd come back and set up a hammock if I were you! :) What an incredible place. Wherever plants thrive, people do, too. I'm curious--what are the little glass vases suspended from the ceiling intended for?

Ahhhhh I can just imagine myself there. We have an awesome green house/haven close by and I just go and walk through and breathe. Happy Plants give off the best vibes, lol.

Oh...Oh...Oh... My Ming Aralia (fuzzy thing on table) used to look like that. *sniff* My Monstera (split leaved on ground in front of table) is bigger, though! *lol* (It may not be so happy coming inside for the winter. Eep.)

What an incredible shop. Thanks for those amazing (I do not need a new camera! *argh*) photos, JZ. I think. (You had to provide a link, didn't you?)

More importantly, how can I match that blue paint...?

@ CNemes: I personally use hanging glass vases and jars for rooting things like pothos, philodendron and baby spider plants. Sometimes they eventually get potted. *lol*

Wow..glad you were in our little Village recently.

Yowza--fantastic looking plant place. Now you're talking my language. I am not, however, as knowledgeable as you, but I at least know a smidge about plants where I know NOTHING about birds--except I know they fly.

Yellow Springs, eh? I had a former colleague, a once upon a time dear friend, who retired in Yellow Springs. Wonder if he's still alive.

Julie, I always love hearing your commentaries, but the fact that you visited our lovely little town makes it all the more terrific. Mitch and his wonderful little store deserve all the credit they can get! Mitch is amazingly knowledgable. I already know a lot about plants having been a florist in my young adulthood, but I always, always learn something new everytime I go in! Yay Mitch!

Best plant shop ever! Mitch is teh awesome! Thanks for the write-up.

Ooh, I want to go. Really, really want.

Nice post, Plant Chimp. But Editor Chimp must ask if you were referring to the Loews movie theaters that are really dark, or the Lowe's big box hardware stores that are dimly lit and soulless?

Posted by Anonymous August 26, 2010 at 6:20 AM

Wal, thanks there, Editor Chimp. I waffled a bit on that spelling. So the plant abbatoir is Lowe's, and the theaters are Loew's. Huh. Whaddya know.

And some of you Yaller Springs folks, tell Mitch he's a stah here. I get the feeling he's too busy self-actualizing to waste much time online.


Just wanted to let you all know that The Village Greenery is looking to expand to a larger property (while maintaing our adorable shop in town!). We're looking for investment, since there's lots of work to be done--repairing green houses, stocking up, and getting our beautiful new property ready to become the leading exotic plant dealer in the midwest. Sound like something you might be interested in? Check it out:

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