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What The Kids Did

Thursday, August 12, 2010

If I have a favorite subject for photography, it's my kids. When Phoebe was a baby, I was shooting film, and I'd go once a week to Wal-Mart with a canister or two of film, and an hour later I'd get a stack of prints that would choke a hog. I miss those prints, so nice to hold in the hand, but I can't imagine having to curate as many photos as I take now, much less use chemicals to develop them and paper to print them.

She was pretty darned adorable.

Our kids' best memories live on a laptop now, and that works fine for us.

How do they amuse themselves when we're in North Dakota, with no television, no computers to speak of; just time and the wind and the grass?

They walk.

(Note Adventuring Sticks.)
There was a long period during Bill's Big Day when we tried to lure some recalcitrant yellow rails out of the thick grass and into our binocular view. It looked like this:

which by any measure is pretty darn boring, a bunch of people staring fixedly into the marsh like addled spaniels. If you don't really care to see a yellow rail, you're going to bug out of a scene like that pretty quickly.

While we searched, Phoebe and Liam went adventuring on a two-track road. One thing was sure: they wouldn't meet any vehicles.

When we're traveling, the kids are a seamless unit, turning to each other for fun and solace.

They laugh and play.

And they appreciate. They adored our evening at Dakota Sun Gardens. While we talked, they experienced the place, and then they ran and grabbed us and showed us every wonderful thing they'd found.

And when they miss Chet Baker, they find another animal to love, be it hugely pregnant barn cat

or supershiny, supersweet, supersized black Lab.

I think what I love most about them is how they take care of each other. They're a blessing and a joy.

And they are Ninjas, as evidenced by this rare action photo.


Your kids were a delight to be around. I never heard even the faintest hint of a whine.

For me, one of the best things about having a son and a daughter is the persistence of personality that you see through the years. My chidren have camped and explored since they were toddlers and this week my daughter begins her PhD at the Nicholas School of the Environment and my son is off on a trek along Lake Superior shore. And these friends will still have each other when they no longer have us!

I like Lynne's comment- I think your children must be uniquely cool, a product of their experience and parenting!

I like the action photo!

Amen to that!

Your kids, who I met before I met you, are a plumb joy. Don't tell them I said so.

OK, Murre, now I know we're sistas from anotha mutha. Because the cardinal rule my parents employed was never to tell your kids you thought they were anything out of the ordinary. Which kept them striving to make you notice that they were.
I'm doin' it all wrong, I guess, but they're turning out pretty good anyway.

Man, are they good kids! It's always fun for me to see how the sister-brother duo interacts. I've got 2 boys and grew up with 2 younger brothers so I'm very familar with the love/hate relationship that goes along with 2 active males :) Those are the only 2 speeds most times - arch nemeses or best buds. Fantastic shots. You guys make good kids!

your blog is so cool! Thanks for the posts about ND!

I'm glad you're "doin' it all wrong", Julie. Not telling kids that they're special may make them strive to show us that they are, but it also gives them a permanent little hole in their hearts. My opinion only, but it's the worst thing parents can do. Brava.

Aren't oversized sweet black labs the huggiest thing?
I love that pic.

I love that your two can entertain themselves no matter the situation.

Keep honing those ninja skills.

Yay! I put that photo in for you, Floridacracker. I can just see my kids lovin' on Bear. Mmm, this Lab was delightful, nice slidy puppy skin and a big grin. Also had all his jewels, so the owners must've thought he was something special, too!

I love how you love them.

You show them in the sweetest way with the best photos. Them Ninjas! They're the best.

I want photos of your kids to display and I don't even know them. That one of the two of them talking, with Phoebe leaning a bit towards her brother, her face lit up in almost brought tears to my eyes. If only all siblings could have that relationship.

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