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Rainbow Dog

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Phoebe and Liam love to create art on our sidewalk and driveway. Being 14, Phoebe is drawn to creating intricate patterns whose painstaking tediousness suits her brain organization just now. I remember drawing those by the hour. Now I do everything else by the hour, and everything I do has a point and a goal. Sigh. I miss being 14. At least I get to watch Phoebe get to be 14.

The kids tend to create their best pieces when someone is due to visit. Since we've had a cavalcade of visitors all spring and summer, we've had a lot of sidewalk art.

Ah, but sidewalks are to be walked upon, aren't they, Chet Baker?

Yes, they are. And I am just the dog to do it. Is there a problem with that?

Oh, don't walk on my picture when it's rainy and wet, Chet! You'll ruin my perfect design!!

Perfect is perfect, but perfect isn't very interesting. This is a sidewalk, and people are supposed to use it.

Not only will I walk across your design with wet pawdypads, I will stand on it, too.

And if you keep pestering me about it, I will sit on it.

Like this.

And you, Miss Phoebe, should know by now that some of the best art

is created by accident.
Or when other people give you ideas. People like me.

And I, Chet Baker, am here to teach you this important lesson on this moist summer day.

And rainbows shine out of my bottom, also, if you have not noticed.

It's true, Chet Baker. My painting is much better now. Thank you, All-Knowing Dog. I love you.

I love you, too, Phoebe.

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Art runs so deeply in the family, it extends to the pets. Although with a name like Chet Baker, how could he NOT be an artist?

I don't see an email link, but I wanted to let you know that I wanted you with me a few weeks ago. We made two separate stops at Hartwick Pines National Forest, and were having a lovely time spotting birds, but I am a birding rookie. I kept thinking, "If Julie were here, we'd know 2what that bird/birdcall was!"

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So clever, so sweet, so simple, so funny. I'm so glad you are there to capture Chet's adventure and Phoebe's expression and then turn it into a delightful story to share.

Really sweet and funny, thank you so much! I love Chet and will follow him on Facebook! And Phoebe's art is lovely, she is lovely too. Thank you for making me smile today!

Posted by Anonymous August 1, 2010 at 8:41 AM

Chet Baker, you are wise beyond your years, and I commend you for imparting your wisdom to the young in your care.

Thanks for your wisdom, Chet. And, the laugh. The butt shot was my ticket for laugh of the day :)

New breed standard: Rainbow Butt Brindle.

I've seen many a work of art that a good butt print would improve.

Painting like that is what well-adjusted 14-year-olds do because it suits their brain organization. Otherwise I (they) avoid cracks, do things in fours and try to walk symmetrically.


Ah, that Chet Baker--he's such an artist. Next thing you know, he'll be writing...oh, wait--he already does.

too cute! i love the photo when Chet is putting his paw down...

I like it a lot, especially the colored-butt shot. Well done. If only dogs could rule the world...

I just love that Chet Baker :)

I thought I loved the rainbow-butt picture best of all. Then I scrolled a little more, and saw the look of resignation on your daughter's face. Perfect!

The wise and wonderful Chet Baker, teaching his humans the true art of pleasure. Good boy, Chet.

That dog is so lovely I am so amazed to a dog with such a very good behavior. I wish that dog is my pet. Thank you for sharing this post.

Ahhh, my dose of giggles and teary eyes. Julie, you have done it again. The sidewalk art is amazing, but so are your children, Chet included. I love his FB page. I will be an avid follower of the life and times of Chet Baker!

Love, LOVE that funny Rainbow Dog ! Happy birthday Leo!

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