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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lisa, our editor at Houghton Mifflin, who was seen partying incognito in previous posts, brought a toy for Chet made by Orca. It was fabulous, until the doggehs unlocked the secret of its destruction. They somehow untied all the knots that kept the colored ropes in the squishy plastic tube. This photo was taken before the untying.
As you can see, things are beginning to unravel. There is not much that can stand up to two Boston terriers pulling in opposite directions, when one is equipped with big grown-up shredders, and the other with needle-sharp puppeh dentition.You are a pesky little puppeh. Here. Be of some use. I will hold this steady and you pull the ropes out of it.That is good. Keep pulling the orange rope. We must show Miss Lisa that there is no such thing as indestructible, or even durable, where Boston terriers and toys are concerned.Although our main goal is to destroy it, they like it when we romp. Hear them laughing? So romp with me, pesky puppeh. Romp, romp, romp.

All right. It is time to go in for the kill. Pull! Once we get one rope out of it, the others will follow quickly. Next we will study Squeaker Removal. I am the champion at that. Mffft!

Here's the thing. The toys are not quite as fun with no innards. They need to bring us another toy, soon.

I am actually rather tired. Aren't you, puppeh boy? You know, I could get used to having you around, even though you are pesky and your teeth are too sharp. I might even miss you a little bit when Miss Jennifer takes you back home. Hummm.

I did not just say that. Mether. He is not staying here, is he? I am still your only dog, right? You love me the best. Right?

My only dog, Chet Baker, now and forever.


I've never seen a dog as expressive as Mr. Baker-
except maybe my old pug dog Kirby. It must be the googly eyes.

This post earns a huge AWWWWW.
Too too cute.
And the look on Chet's face, accompanied by your dialogue suggesting the puppy might s-t-a-y?!? Priceless.

Two dogs and a rope--can a simple pleasure be more perfect?

Hmmm. Never to get another BT? EVER? No brother or sister for Chet?
I don't know if I could ever stop at one. Like potato chips.

Thank you. I want to go to bed with a smile and you delivered.

I don't think there's a toy in this world that two Bostons can't destroy within a few minutes. And they're darn proud of that!

Get two socks with a squeaky ball in each toe, tie them together and it might last a good 30 minutes!

Chet's face is the most expressive and you read him so well.

wow! I love it! So adorable:) I always have pleasure has to see your photos!

Dogarama = Joyorama

What a glorious set of photos! Baker seems to know exactly what you want from him photogenically!

Something tells me that CB could have had that toy destroyed on his own in less than an hour. ;o) We have an 8-yr old husky mix (female) who has taken less than 20 minutes to totally destroy so-called indestructible toys. We've actually timed her. But it sure has been fun reading your post, Julie, about Chet and his "new playmate." It's fun to see a smaller sized BT in comparison to CB. They look like such fun dogs to have around.

Even the four-leggers have fun at your parties! Thanks for the grins - theirs and ours. Puppeh love forever!

The best Boston pictures ever!
Thanks for making me laugh :-D

having not read your blog for awhile my first thought was, wow, she got chet a new brother! but i see it was just a visitor. sounds like you've been having a blast as always. happy birthday from a fellow leo....

Chet baker is one cool puppeh!!!
His expressions are priceless!

Oh sweet jaysus, those pups are great! And the dialogue is right on.

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