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A Visit With Buck

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Faithful readers and archive diggers at this blog will remember Buck the Bull,
the sweet, low-slung Angus tank who lives the next road over. If my calculations are correct, Buck should be pushing 11 or 12 now. He's still throwing nice calves. Here are some of this spring's progeny.
The gray one belongs to beautiful gray Betty. Here she is, backlit.I think the Warren's cattle are the prettiest cattle around, with the best-managed pastures.
Although the Fleeman's Limosins are ravishing, come to think of it...I am a card-carrying cownoisseur.

Buck's still just as nice a guy as ever. I stopped on a sunny afternoon last week to visit with him. He had been scratching his forehead and brisket on a rough post and was up nice and close to the road.
There's something I like about touching a multi-ton animal who could, if he wanted, annihilate me, something I like about knowing that he enjoys the contact as much as I do. A few strands of prickly wire separate us. I scratch his forehead and tell him what a magnificent, good boy he is. I tell him how much I like to see him and how beautiful his new calves are. I ask about the little red cow I always see him with but he's not talking.

He snorts, sending a spray of flobber over me, and shakes his head. I could reduce you to a spot of grease. Don't forget that I am a bull, a very big one, a dangerous one. Mean. Unpredictable. Slobbery. Pffffuuuuf.

Yes, I know. I'm flirting with death. You are a highly dangerous bull, and I have received your warning. But I still love you. And next time I come I will have an apple and some carrots with by Phoebe Linnea Thompson. Thanks, honey.

Well, all right then. You bring me an apple, and we'll talk.

I have taken dozens of pictures of Buck in his many moods, but this is my favorite so far. I like to think he's remembering Dale.


He is magnificent.

He is a fine bovine being -- and you're a swell human for telling him so. (Actually, you're swell for lots of other reasons, too, but it all accrues.)

My in-laws had a huge, benevolent Holstein bull named Jasper who would commune over a stout locust board fence with me years ago. He was particularly fond of pea pods, when my mother-in-law and I would shell spring peas out for dinner, Jasper would practically purr when offered the empty pods.
Buck is a regal creature, isn't he.
Caroline in South Dakota

What a handsome guy. :c) When you see that photo of you with him, it's then obvious how enormous he really is! You, Dr. Mrs. Doolittle, can talk to any of the animals.

How nice to visit again with Buck. Brings back visions of his standing guard over Dale.

BIG THANKS TO YOU!!! My daughter just sent me an excellent old copy of Forbush and May's "Natural History of American Birds..." She saw it on your blog last month and knew it would be a perfect gift for me. I just love it.

What a gorgeous animal, and that's no bull!

(Sorry, I know it's bad but I couldn't resist)

A magnificent beast.

Yes, I remember Buck very well. Possumlady stole my line!

Don't forget the apple.

That last photo in your marvelous series says it all--king of his domain, isn't he?
And I understand completely the thrill of that connection with such a beast.
Since "no bull" has been taken, I will say--a great post written by our "Beauty" about the "beast."

Majestic and handsome! What a boy! I too hope that he is remembering his friend, Dale The next time you visit, give him a scratch behind his ear from all of us.

I'm sure he is, in his own way. As are you.

He is a powerful looking incredible beast...I love that you are connecting with him so well.

That's one big sexy bull.
R E S P E C T .

Susan, you said it all! No wonder the ladies love him!

Well, at least Phoebe had the good sense to stay near the car.

Magnificent beasty.

hey julie, I thought Buck was my boyfriend, I guess I am just one in a crowd, I adore him and feel like the day isn't complete unless I see him on my way to work. I want to get over and draw him as soon as I get a chance,
love from here bethn

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