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Looking for Bill of the Birds?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Blogger rejects any and all of my dear husband's attempts to post this past week. It's a known problem with anyone who posts via FTP; i.e., anyone who's not hosted at Blogspot. And it must be a big'un. In desperation, he's changed his address, but he can't even post THAT on his poor benighted becalmed befuddled blog. So please, go find Bill of the Birds here:

Do leave a comment so he knows you've found him. He'll be at the above URL until further notice. Chet Baker thanks you, I thank you, and BOTB thanks you.




Tell Bill I went there, but all I could see was the template; couldn't access his "Temporary Home" post.

We are all waiting (im)patiently for his Blogger issues to be resolved. Until then, tell him I said "Hey," and oh yesah - nice review of "Young Birders Guide" in the June issue of Birder's World.

~Kathi, sympathizing with BOTB (and sending a smocching kiss to Chet Baker)

Poor Bill... technology is GREAT (to the point of being routine) when it all works the way we get used to it working... but when there's a major glitch... OYYY VEYYYY!!!

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