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Reaching Out from Beyond

Monday, August 1, 2022

 In order to grasp what I'm talking about, you'll have to read the previous post, so please scroll down if you haven't visited my blog in awhile. I just have to tell you a bit more. 

Phoebe and I continue to be deeply affected by the late-night ride she made, and especially the completely unanticipated aftermath--Bill's old phone number sending out a 911 hangup that caused an officer to drive all the way from Marietta (a 35 mile round trip) to wake us up pounding on the door, thinking there was a 911 emergency at our home. What the what?? 

If that number has been reassigned, why did the old address still carry with it? My daughter, lionheart that she is, called her dad's old phone number last night, and put it on speaker so I could hear. It rang and rang. We stood, tense, listening. Then an automated voice picked up, saying, "The person you are trying to reach has not set up their inbox yet." Or something like that. Phoebe's eyes got wide. Mine, too. 

Maybe, it being three years from his death, the number has just been reassigned, and a new address hasn't been attached to it yet. But why would it send out a 911 hangup? Why would a policeman drive that far at 2 in the morning, to pound on our door and tell us Bill's old number had rung in? B. always had a flair for the dramatic.

I am mulling it over, and was still thinking about it this morning,  text-chatting with my friends who are open to communications from beyond. Tim commented, "So BT3 called 911!" then asked, "What are the odds of that happening on the same evening (as the crazy dark tunnel bike ride)?" I told Tim that nobody would have freaked out bigger or harder than Bill on seeing her ride off into the night. He'd have insisted to be the one to do it, not realizing that she truly was the best candidate; that it was our only recourse, really. Anyone who might have come to pick us up for the night was more than an hour away, and it was late...Lucy thinks that Bill is in the afterlife process of learning, of seeing the bigger picture, and perhaps some truths that he couldn't see before are hitting home. I do have to wonder what he's thinking of BWD's rebirth, and I've felt his spirit near me as I work to make it the best possible reincarnation. "It's all very sweet," Lucy commented, "as he knows Phoebe and Liam are moving forward with their lives in big ways and to the best of his ability he is still at your side (move over, Cur.)"

I was driving slowly and happily down my favorite roads this morning, checking my bluebird boxes, always a bittersweet thing in early August, as this is one of the very last box checks I'll do. They're winding down. Still have some babies as young as 8 days old, but they will be the last of the season. I take my time with these late-summer checks. I love them, love seeing the babies ready to fledge, love cleaning the boxes as best I can, to be ready for next spring.

Peter Frampton's "Show Me the Way" came on the radio. That song always makes me smile and think of lanky high-school aged Bill--Frampton was his top favorite artist then, and stayed in the upper echelons of his favorite musicians. Funny that should happen while I'm thinking of him, and the feat of outreach he may have pulled off the other night.  I checked another nest box, turned on the car, and the Electric Light Orchestra struck up "Telephone Line," a song I love but haven't heard in years upon years. 

"Oh, telephone line, show me a sign. I'm living in twilight." 

At that, I had to talk with him.  Tears streaming, I said, "B, honey, I get it, I get it, Phoebe gets it, you got through! You got through."


Tears in my eyes too... yes, he got through. He got through!

Just want you to know that I have read both blogs. Wow.

Lots to think about. I believe in the interconnectedness of all things, and obviously there is so much (practically all!) that we don't know or understand. So I believe that when you call out into the universe (all unknowable), the universe will answer. And in the circumstances you, Phoebe, and Liam found yourselves, you must have been bombarding the universe with your calls. And you received your answer. 🕊️

There are no coincidences. There is only the interconnectedness of all Life. Good thing you know how to pay close attention.

Bill was the very first thought I had at the end of the last post❤️

Wow! What an amazing experience. I've had a handful of encounters like this with my mom and dad in the 30+ years since they passed. It is always powerful and leaves me with a warm feeling that lingers as I ponder where they are and how they still can find me and connect with me.

Your story is amazing, and wonderful. My sister died in her 50's unexpectedly and she definitely sends me "messages" that are incredible and when shared with my family prove they were from her. She left one child, who is now a man with a family of his own. One night I got a message loud and clear. Eric's wife was going to have her first child, a daughter. I immediately told my family and Eric and Stephanie were amazed because they were just about to announce she was expecting and later on it proved to be a daughter. I was also reminded to look for a quilt she had hand embroidered that I had put away many years past and I did find it. It was the quilt that I had received from her for my first baby and I proudly cleaned it and presented it to my nephew and his wife for their new baby. I have a picture of the quilt but I am not sure how to share. Most recently, on the occasion of my birthday she contacted me again through an incredible message that directed me to a newspaper article from November of 2021 which brought a picture of her and a wonderful article on her from one of her previous students who is now an actor and on broadway. The article told how she was his angel and had helped him through difficult times. As my nephew and family were gathering for my birthday since it was a milestone I shared the article to my nephew and he was so moved after going through a difficult time. He was so happy and grateful and proud to read it. It almost seems like she contacts me when not only her son is involved but it is usually something that has to do with a gathering of seems to be when a group of us are gathered together for family events that she cannot now gather with us for. So the fact that your family were gathered together like that was powerful and it seems that Bill somehow was able to pick up on that and send out his signal across the miles. He probably wants you to know he is okay and wants to show you his love.

Both posts are beautiful. Thanks for sharing these personal, most precious, and mysterious times in which you and all of us live. BT3 still impacting lives. Marvelous.

An experience just on the fragile edge of comprehension...made me feel that apprehensive fluttering like a leaf. Bet BT3 will send you a meteor too.

Wow. Crying. Thank you for beautifully sharing all that you do, Julie. XO

@Mariannes, that is such a beautiful story, and I am so thankful you shared it. I saw the picture of the quilt on Facebook and its soo lovely. Thank you. Thank you, everyone. Your words mean so much to me and Phoebe!

Julie, I still see Elsa and Andy - not a hallucination, but in people that look like them. I see a jogger in town and am convinced it's Andy, or a woman at Giant Eagle and I'm about to go up and say hi to Elsa - then I realize... It's weirder because when I used to see Elsa I thought she was my mom - if you weren't looking face on they could have been twins. Now when I see someone that looks like that I always think it's Elsa, not my mom. And never Bill; though I hear him singing in certain songs. It's my dad who comes full on into my thought now and then and I suddenly realize that something I'm doing comes straight from him - right in that moment. One way or another, the ones we love have implanted themselves deep within us and live on there.

Beautiful ❤️

I’ve been thinking about that night ride Phoebe took, too. How that will be an escapade she will talk about forever. And that call? He’s just checking up on you all. Stranger things have happened. I’m all about the mystery. It makes this life easier to think there’s some unknown, unfathomable realm out there beyond our earthly existence. How grand that he connected. Oh, yeah, for sure he did.

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This gave me goosebumps!

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