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Curtis Loew in the Snow

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Dogs in the snow... So many times I'd yearned to take our sweet Boston terrier Chet Baker sledding; I had a feeling he'd love it if only he'd try it, but having no hair at all on his little belleh, he was not terribly tolerant of cold, and would have been miserable for the hours we usually spend trudging up and flying down the bowl. So we never got to see what Chet Baker thought of it all. 

Mind you, Chet loved a good romp in the snow, but I never wanted to take him out for a long time, without the option of taking him right home when he got too cold.  I love this photo. And this one...he was such a wonderful little beast, especially in his letter jacket. 

Curtis is another animal altogether; he's clearly spent his life outdoors and he adores cold and snow.    

Here he is in the Dec. 17 2020 snow, one of the most beautiful we've had. 
He's a mile from home and feeling no pain at all.

So off we went down the driveway to see what would happen. We thought he needed his coat since it was in the teens and still snowing. He donned it happily and frisked around, clearly appreciating its extra warmth. He's no dummy!

He is a FIRST CLASS sneak, though, and I was apprehensive that he would tiptoe off and go on a hunt while wearing that coat. If he snuck off and dove into the briars wearing it, he could get hung up for hours in freezing cold, perhaps needing rescue. I was worried and unsure that we could keep close enough tabs on him to prevent that from happening. Well, as it worked out, he DID sneak off in his new coat as soon as we got to the slope, and I was both exasperated and concerned for him. I envisioned him getting hung up somewhere in the noisome multiflora rose tangle that surrounds the big field and goes deep into the woods in the holler. 

Way to wreck a sledding outing, Curtis! As soon as he disappeared, I started cussing, then walking the nearly half-mile back to the house to get the tracking unit so I could go find him if he got snagged. In the time it took me to get home, remove the snow and ice from my car, grab the tracker and a trek stick and some clippers (for briars) and drive back, the prodigal cur showed up and started romping with the kids as they took their sleds down the slope. They took this video of the first run with him beside Phoebe.



 This is the genesis of Curtis' interest in sledding. You can see that he's highly excited and amused by Phoebe's first, mostly failed, flying saucer run.


 Liam is Curtis' touchstone. I absolutely love how that dog willingly climbs on the sled, and Liam gently steadies him as they go down the slope together. "I got you." And at the bottom, Curtis skips free, but turns right back to the sled and Liam with wagging tail, ready for more fun! 

 When I finally got back to the slope, the kids and Curtis couldn't WAIT to show me his new trick! I just could not believe that he loved schussing at high speed down a very steep slope. But knowing Curtis, with his need for speed, and his spirit-- adventurer to the core--it shouldn't have surprised me. I guess I figured him for a dog who would run down beside the sled, but wouldn't deign to be carried on it. Wrong! Look how he climbs aboard! As I go down the hill, you can hear me say, "I have a sledding dog!!"


 At the bottom of the hill, Curtis jumped off the sled and began digging madly in the snow. He was just SO excited and happy he had to release that somehow. People roll around on their backs laughing after a great run. I guess Curtis digs!! 

 Of course, it didn't always go so smoothly...This is a particularly cute look at Curtis' face as he passes me on down the slope.


 And when he was done for the day, he was DONE. He communicates perfectly without a word, just stands his ground with a no-thank-you look on his face. Oh, how we love this dog. It was about 17 degrees, snowing hard, and despite his fabulous sherpa coat, a gift from our friend Mim, he was feeling the cold at last. We turned toward home.


 Feeling especially lucky to have a dog who loves to sled, and a thrilling huge slope within walking distance of our house. Oh, and having my kids here to sled lucky can you get? 

Happy New Year! May it be EVER so much better than OLD YEAR was! 

Hope you've enjoyed Curtis Loew in the SNOW!!


Vids are coming up as private!

Fabulous fun!!!

That was so much fun! So much laughing - just what we all need. I love that you & your fab kids and Curtis all enjoyed that together. Happppy New Year, at last!

What great fun! Going to bed with a grin on my face.

i'm so happy for all of you!!! Not having any fun here right now....

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

Oh my, soooo much fun!… dredges up memories of my young winter days growing up in the midwest… and this is a perfect day for replacing memories of the last %#^&*?!! year with memories from childhood!

Most dogs know joy and Curtis sure does. Your family's sense of joy is catching and gave us a wonderful end to this terrible year.

So much fun!!

Your sledding brings back happy memories of snowy days and sledding as a child. Such a happy time.
Thanks so much for taking the time to share your fun! Kathy in Delray Beach, FL.

This tune made me think of you and Chet Baker, Julie:

Curtis Snoew

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Love it!
Brings back memories!
Thanks for sharing!

Love it!
Brings back memories!
Thanks for sharing!

Such joyous fun to watch these videos. So generous of you to share these moments. Happy New Year to you and your lovely children! And also to Curtis Snowey!

Haven't had snow yet here in western KY, but your videos were precious!! They brought back my childhood sledding down our hill at the back of our property. Steep and short but loads of fun, as long as it snowed enough. We'd stay out there till our toes and hands were numb. Sigh. Haven't been sledding in years. What fun for you!!

Happy New Year to you, Liam, Phoebe, and Curtis the sledding dog!!❤️

Happy New Year to your whole gang. I swear, your Julie cackle has gotten me through this crazy year. Nothing lifts me up like hearing you laugh.

WOW!! Fun!! Never knew a dog to go sledding! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and the kids and Curtis :)

Now I am looking forward to the 3 inches of snow that is predicted for here tonight! Not a winter person but you sure make it look fun! Loved the Bacon photos. Thanks and Happy New Year dear Julie and family!

What a GREAT sledding hill! Wow. And love how Curtis sledded when he wanted and REALLY stopped when he was done. 17 degrees?! You guys are brave, but I guess sledding warms you up. Yee haa!

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