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My House's Facelift

Monday, July 27, 2020

As noted before, the old garage was looking awfully tatty with its new blue roof--lipstick on a pig! So in came the crew to replace the siding with HardiePlank. Much of the cheap board and batten siding was rotted or hopelessly warped, so they replaced it, largely with plywood they found in the garage. I was glad in this instance that Bill saved so much stuff.

Oh it was wonderful to watch that garage being transformed.

To drive up and see this!

To climb the tower and see this!

and to walk out the meadow, turn around and see this!

A badly needed new door, painted my favorite shade of purply-blue. I couldn't match the roof, so I went for what I loved.

Cedar siding put on in 1999 was hideously rotted on the north side of the house, and peeling and weather-beaten on the south and west sides. Daniel tore it off with his bare hands until I begged him to stop. Never mind--it would all be replaced soon.

I was pretty much done with wood. Bring on the cement composition HardiePlank! 

In mid-February 2020, I went to Ecuador. Remember international travel? I do, dimly. The Amish team timed their work to coincide with my absence, so all the hammering and banging wouldn't disturb me. I can tell you that, in my experience, nobody but the Amish works on outside house renovation in January and February. 
Daniel had purchased the siding in advance and painted it under controlled conditions, as well, which helps a lot!

Upon my return, I beheld a tower transformed, secure.

They were good, they were affordable, and they were fast. Got in, did the work, got out. Boom. Fueled, perhaps in part, by this:

If I drank that I'd be awake for a month.

In this video, Curtis perfectly expresses how it felt to come home after a long trip and find the siding on garage and tower magically finished. I am so grateful to Daniel Yoder and Amish Builders of Patriot, Ohio for their wonderful work; for their speed, professionalism and efficiency. You've spoiled me for good.




What a comfort to have trustworthy people to help you restore your buildings to glory. And it looks glorious!

Hallelujah! Must be a great feeling to get this work done. I love that door color!

I will certainly celebrate when we finally complete the finish work on our mud room addition.

Love the contrast of the sound of the tinkle bell on such a muscular pup. And that crazy face he makes!

That door is delicious! It's all so beautiful.

One of my very favorite life-aphorisms, right after "Oh well", is most certainly "so what". The door and the roof don't match -- according to whom? This triptych of stories is about you stepping into your own authentic self, Julie, realizing you can ask for help and it's even better than ok to do so -- and as our wise old guide Yoda would say: glorious it is.

We have also used Amish builders to put a roof on our barn. They did fine work, quickly and for a reasonable price. Alas, some younger fellows have taken over the business and the quote they gave us for some house roof work was astronomical.

Wow, it looks wonderful. The reddish sides with he blue roof are such a good combo.

I love the color combination of the variation on the primary colors. As my dad would say, "Sharp". Furthermore, what a cheerful load of color on the overwhelming gray/green/brown motif of the rural Midwest landscape (childhood in PA, college in IN,so I know). Cheers.

What a glorious renovation. I love the feeling of something "done". My love language is def " acts of service"even if I have to pay...I'd be kissin' those Amish men!!

Praise the Lord, you're TO THE WEATHER!!!!

So Glorious now. I'm sure you grin every time you look at all that lovely siding. My mom used Hardiplank 20+ years ago and the color still looks great. Loved Curtis in the celebratory run. Our lab would do the same thing and we'd all say, "She's got the zips!" Maybe we need some of that energy drink too!

6 years on we still LOVE our Hardy boards. Excellent product.

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