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Zick In Africa! Wanna Come Along?

Friday, May 15, 2015

  Zick's going to South Africa in September!

The trip runs from September 25-Oct. 7, 2015, with an optional pre-extension September 17-25 to South Africa's fabulous Cape region for penguins and killer botanizing. 

Everybody's gabbling about it!

Wild helmeted guinefowl 

There will be very large, dangerous mammals, safely viewed via open Land Rover

Cape buffalo. Peter Lawson says they look at you like you owe them money.

and there will be birds, birds, birds! Some of them on large mammals, some not.

Red-billed oxpecker on giraffe

There will be small, colorful birds

Red bishop, taking nest weaving material

many small drab uncolorful birds for the more avid amongst us

 Sabota lark

and lots of large breathtaking birds

Martial eagle

including the heaviest flying bird on the planet

Kori bustard, which, at almost 40 pounds, takes quite a runway to become airborne.

Jackal buzzard, the Dark Continent's redtail.

There will be many squeeworthy moments.

Vervet monkey baby, gettin' all Science Chimpy back at me

And who better to experience them with than the Science Chimp herself?

Red-billed oxpecker fledgling, being fed by a parent on its movable feast. What you can't hear in this tranquil photo is me, firing questions at our incomparable South African guide Leon Marais, about where oxpeckers nest (tree cavities) and how in the world they manage to settle down long enough to lay eggs and raise a brood while their food source walks hundreds of miles away. Ahh, South Africa. You are a treasure box of beauty and inquiry.

Here's our man on the ground, Leon Marais of Lawson's Nature Tours, with killer guide Mana N'tuli. You will be in the best and most knowledgeable hands. I'm there for color and comic relief. 

You've read this blog long enough to know that we're going to get just as excited about dung beetles and tortoises as we are elephants and marabous. Bring your long lens, your curiosity, your cool khaki field clothes, and your eyes and curious minds. I'd love to spend some time with you discovering the amazing wildlife, varied landscapes and splendor of South Africa!

September 25-October 7, with optional pre-extension to the Cape region Sept. 17-25

Hate to be pushy, but I've been so busy with book finishing (almost there!) and spring stuff (see prior posts) that I've let publicizing this trip go too long. If you're interested, by all means save your space by signing up soon, or at least checking in with Holbrook at the link below.

Click here for a full description of the trip, including itinerary, pricing and more photos!


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