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South Africa Overdrive!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Under the heading of: It's All Good, there has been a lot of interest in my South Africa trip 

September 25-October 07, 2016 

with optional pre-extension Sept 17-26 to the fabulously diverse Cape Region.

Red-billed oxpecker on impala 

So much so, that we are considering adding another vehicle, which would open up another five spots, for a total of 12 participants on the trip.

Thing is, we don't want to add another vehicle unless we get at least two more people to sign up.

Once you start looking at African safaris, it's hard to beat the price of this one. And I can brag a little and say that between Leon Marais, our flint-eyed guide, and the ever-curious and always engaged Science Chimp, we won't miss much, from the python on the limb to the leopard in the grass to the kite circling high overhead.
Thick-billed weaver, making a masterpiece with nothing but his mouth and feet. You try doing that.

Click this link for the Holbrook page. There you can download a PDF of the itinerary, get all your questions answered, and most importantly, sign yourself up for the adventure of a lifetime.

 Respond at the Holbrook page by 

Monday, June 1, 2015

 to secure your place on this incredible journey with me.

Yellow-rumped tinkerbird (a kind of barbet, or small toucan), with spiderweb. I was whistling to him and he was talking back. We had a moment.

Giraffe and kudu. I would like to see this with you.
Thank you for your interest. 
All photos by Zick.

Promise this is the last teaser/torture I'll do.


If only.....

Have a glass of Backsburg Kleinbablyonstoren for me. (small tower of Babel - I guess the wine makes one chatty!)

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