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Chet Baker Does Doga!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chet Baker is a special dog. There are certain things he knows he's in for if he's going to live in our house. Being kissed and snorgled about two hundred times a day, for one. Having fabulous freshly cooked human grade meats worked into his Royal Canin, for another. Poor thing just suffers through all that.

And a daily bout of dog yoga (hereafter called Doga) with Phoebe. 

His roll-with-it attitude could stem from being constantly handled. He's acclimated to being held up in the air, stretched out like so much licorice rope. 

Or it could be that he knows he will get a bikkit afterward.

Because he does get a bikkit.

But we also think he likes it, despite the sotto voce grumble with which this video opens.

Look at his face and see what you think.


My back feels better just watching Chet. And I think he and Phoebe are almost ready for David Letterman.

Getting all ready to stretch out and bake his Bacon in the sun (whenever it should reappear there.) Now I am going to put on my 'ears' cause I missed the complaint it was so quiet, and go back to watch again!

ps secret prove I'm not a robot word is msculs-Just like Popeye.

Exellent form on the Bacon!

That kind of flight needs a good Super Bacon cape!

I feel better already. What I love about your whole family is that you're all completely crazy.

That rascal.
I suppose next he will be doing

(I think Ap Fit has had a fit.)

And I think Chet is saying, Mether, don't let her do that again! With a sneeze for emphasis.

Too funny. I do like his form though.

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