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Chet Baker Sits Up

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chet Baker has learned many tricks. Phoebe and Liam teach him. It doesn't take long. None of them are difficult. Here, he practices Sit Up, which needs an assist because he is a long-waisted, deep-brisketed doggeh. The reward? Sugar snap peas. Go figure.

This is about as cute as it gets, speaking as an unbiased, unbesotted and detached videographer. If I were the kind of person who said, "Enjoy!" I would say that. But I'm not.


Well. THAT was a lovely way to start my day! Also... I was watching with a huge grin on my face, but didn't actually laugh out loud until Mether said "He didn't just ________ did he?" HA!

That's cute! Maybe he knew what you wanted was looking for a paw assist. We used to have a Pekingese that would sit on his haunches for what seems like hours, watching the world go by beyond his back yard fence. He'd stick his little hind legs out straight, balance with his tail as part of the "tripod", arms hanging down.

Do you know what calming signals are in dogs? Chet is clearly exhibiting them here as Phoebe stares straight at him. He is licking his nose and avoiding eye contact.

Now I am not comparing Chet to a cat, I would never insult him that way, however, he does remind me of our cat Mr. Bean.

Beans favourite toy was a green bean.

Anne dropped a green bean and before she could pick it up the cat was tossing it in the air, batting it around. He would hide it under a throw rug so he could sneak up on it latter.

He ignored all the store bought toys and played with his bean, hence the name.

So peas as a treat for Chet doesn't seem so unusual.

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