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Snowy Run: Finis

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My grave peregrinations done for the moment, I turn toward home. Tall spruces mark Gary Morgenstern's house. They, some narcissus, and the naked lady amaryllis that springs up each summer, are the only visible reminders of his life that remain. Well, that and the Blatz cans down in the ravine in the woods behind. Want to hear me tell about Gary? Go to the NPR website and listen.

I feel another season change coming on. Fergus' Pond as it looked in December:

and in September. 

Yes, it's killing me, too.

And yet...

nothing wrong with that scene, either. Mmmm. Oh, those spots of color. Must paint. So glad I brought my camera. It really is just ridiculously beautiful out here.

If a bit nippy. I'm coming up on the Three Graces, trees I am helplessly in love with, and hope to hell the new landowner won't fell. 

As they danced in September's wine-gold sun, party dresses gleaming

and as they shiver in a naked row today:

This wintry musing brought to you by your freezing blogger, Zicksicle

who was delighted to find a fake deer covered in snow, a jaunty Christmas hat on his antlers

and, upon returning home, to be welcomed (well, stomped and snorted at) by a real one in the driveway.


It is always a fear of mine, when a new owner takes possession of a property with trees, that one of the first things that they will do is fell them. Is it some primal distrust of the trees and feeling of safety in the savanna? A desire to lord it over Nature... the same impulse that drives men to hunt for pleasure rather than sustenance? Or does it come down to money... the fear that it will fall and damage property?

In any case, I hope that your Three graces will remain safe to watch over your runs for many years to come!

Posted by Anonymous January 8, 2013 at 3:35 AM

Haven't done it in awhile, but I used to love love LOVE going the same route every day. Day in and day out, rain/snow/sleet/sunshine/fog/hot/cold/whatever, watching the landscape change. Like a friend who changes outfits...some changes subtle, some huge...all different. Really love your Winter/September photos!


Loved hearing the NPR piece on Gary and the Blatz cans and Sanka "terraria." Out here in rural Rensselaer Co NY our 22 acre piece boasts the spirit of "Crazy Ed" who lived (and died) in a shack on the property.
In addition to Genesee beer cans from the 50's and 60's we have lots of car parts, bathroom tiles, kitchen jars etc strewn among the leaf litter in the pine stand and in the vernal pools.
I will have to see how skittish the squirrels are next time I'm out there in the woods !

Posted by mary ellen grimaldi January 9, 2013 at 12:14 PM

I just finished reading "The Bluebird Effect" and I'm definitely a Julie fan! I'm a "rescuer" in long standing and really related to the neighbors and friends calling with orphaned animals and birds. I understand perfectly the satisfaction of saving a tiny creature and watching it soar away! I would love to meet in person maybe at one of your events I've found on this site. I'm living in Livingston,AL and looking for a small farm in the Birmingham area..hence more opportunities to be closer to nature...especially birds.

Posted by susan stevens January 13, 2013 at 8:20 AM
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