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Feeding the Wild Bat

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Drusilla's been in the warm house for three nights now. It warmed up to the 60's on Jan. 10-13, and I took that opportunity to bring her in and feed her up, reasoning that she might have stirred in her hibernaculum and, if she were lucky, maybe even caught a few moths. For all I know, bats sleep all the way through the winter, but I don't want to take the chance of starving this little creature. She's been sleeping for a month. That seems long enough. Time for some food!

Bats amaze me at every turn. I find it incredible that you can take a hibernating bat, wake her up, and feed her just a few hours later. You can feed her and then put her back out in the garage and she'll cool down and sleep for another month. That's just cool.

My cinematographer is really jumpy tonight. She's standing on a chair and making comments, and she's very cute up there. She kinda freaks out at the end. I can't blame her.

I figured I would temper Drusilla's nastiness with another dose of dog. Bonus Chet Baker boudoir footage at the end.


Dru is SO adorable, with her exaggerated chewing, and Phoebe with her girly reaction to Dru. And if I had ANY doubt that Chet Baker was a spoiled dog, his boudoir dispelled it. He looks so cozy!

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 2013 at 3:54 AM

I think the BBC's Nature Unit has a nature filmography course in Africa. Career for Phoebe? She's a good sport for sticking it out in a room with Evil Drusilla!

I think Chet found that alarming. Such a pup!

Oh my. You are amazing and so is Drucilla. I loved this video.

Someone say there was a bat in that video...? [totally absorbed in aaawwwing over the impossibly adorable and adorably nest-ripe Chet Baker]

Really am enjoying the Drusilla segments. Thank you Phoebe for being the willing videographer. And of course, we all love having our daily Chet-fix. Baker is quite a pup!

Right up until today, I hated listening to someone eating.

Wow! She really chows! I guess when you sleep for a month, you wake up pretty hungry. So now she'll just go back to sleep?
What a trooper Phoebe!

Bats are amazing creatures...

Drusilla is so cute, Julie!!! ;) Thank you so much for sharing this video! You are an angel...

Loved it! So glad I stayed to watch the credits and got the reward!

Posted by Cindy Biles February 15, 2013 at 11:43 AM
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