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I Do Not Want a French Bulldog.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The only thing I don't like about posting twice a week is having to squeeze the Chet Baker posts in between all the zoo animals and pithy philosophizing. If I'm having Chet Baker withdrawal, what about you?? I can go in and snuzzle Mr. Popcorn Paws any old time. Still miss him on the blog. No, thank you for the suggestion, I am not going to start another blog devoted to Chet Baker. I am going to keep painting. Here insert emoticon of smiley face. Or winky face, if you're the type who does that. I have been known to do it, but only when I'm pretty sure someone's going to take something the wrong way otherwise. Emoticons. Ecch. One photo can change a person's outlook. Sometimes a life. I'm thinking, naturally, of some of the famous Life Magazine photos of Viet Nam that are seared into my memory. But because I am by nature a happy, silly person, I'm also thinking of photos like this of a French bulldog puppy beset with some ridiculous and obviously unworkable footgear that a Facebook "friend" who shall remain unidentified for now had the temerity to post on my wall. She knew, even as she posted it, that this seemingly innocuous act would set up a barely-controlled puppylust in me, which is just flat out not a fair thing to do to a friend, even an imaginary Facebook friend. Misery loves company; she is suffering from that same puppylust. As for me, I could put that French bulldog on a bun and put a little country mustard on him and have him for lunch, he is that delicious. I did not know they came in anything other than fawn, black, red, black-and-white or brindle and now that I know there is a tricolor variant I am doomed. This "friend" likely knew in hitting me with this photo that the first breed of dog I decided I wanted when I decided, after 13 years of hemming and hawing, that I wanted a dog (is this still English?) was a French bulldog. Now make that a tricolor French bulldog. But then I decided that I needed a French bulldog with legs because we would be hiking, oh yes we would, and clambering around these steep slippery Appalachian foothills. And so I put nice long legs on that wish and got a Boston terrier and I think you know that I have never been sorry about that, not one nanosecond have I been sorry I got a Boston terrier instead of a French bulldog. Until LINDA M. LYSAGHT that RAT FINK sent me that !@#$#!%$# PHOTO. But I am STILL NOT SORRY and I would get a Boston terrier again not that I am even CLOSE to shopping,f because HERE is what a Boston terrier can DO. This is Chet Baker's patented aerial switcheroo in which he leaps up heading right and flips his hindquarters around and lands heading left. I remember the day he taught himself to do it and it's been his favorite move ever since. Try that with your little peg legs and your hi-tops, Frenchy. I shall now revel in the natural athleticism of the Boston terrier. This is Chet Baker at his best, modeling the sweater knitted for him by loyal Chetfan Sue Robbins back when he was a puppeh. I'm sure you could teach a French bulldog to fetch. Well, maybe you could. I hear they're a little headstrong. But for airs above the ground? Look no further than the seal-brindle marvel that is his Chetness. These photos are of poor quality, but it is hard to photograph perfection. I included this one because he looks like a man in a Boston terrier suit. Float like a butterfly. And he doesn't even need to stick his tongue out to do it. I know I'm mixing references to great American athletes here, but forgive me. I am not a sports person. Michael Jordan, hang your head. Sometimes you have to give him the stick. Come on, Chet! Get your stick! I am not falling for it, Lee Dum. You will just sweep it away like Charlie Brown's football. I know that is what you are going to do, Phee Bee. You are rotten children. And a dog like me does not fall for that stuff. All right. Brace yourselves. Here I come. After a workout like that, only Shila knows which muscles to massage. Mether. How could you ever think of any other breed? I couldn't, Chet Baker. My heart is yours forever. I will not look at any more pictures on the Internet, I promise. All right, Mether. When bad old Linda sends you more, just cover your eyes. I will, Chet Baker. Sara, Mary, Jane(s), Susan(s), Wendi, Chris, Jen(s), Tim, Jason, Maureen: stop kissing your screens. There's your Chet Baker fix. I know, I know. It's been too long. Now wipe your screens. ;-) :-D :-/




PS: You know I have to say it:

"Take those dang shoes off the Frenchy!"

I'm yellin' right along with you, KatDoc. You notice he's not walking in 'em. huuuge hug and Chet Baker kisses to you, sweetheart.

Harumph. I am waiting for the real thing!! We just had what looks like a whiter Chetlet move in on our street. Jack Russell-Pug cross named Bella. I was given many tiny kisses on the way to the subway this morning.

Stop it... STOP it ALREADY!!!... I'm guffawing phlegm all over my keyboard...
And as to the suggestion that you start a separate blog devoted to Chet Baker... well, QUIT reading my mind (especially if you're NOT gonna do it).

The French Bulldog is an absurd animal. Stick with the Pied Mountain Boar known as Chet. Or, better yet, consider upgrading to a Welsh Corgi!

...or skip the Welsh Corgi, and go directly to a Shetland Sheepdog for the consummate upgrade ;-)

ahhhhh - a long-awaited Bacon fix. Thank you kindly. Visions of Chetster will dance in my head for hours tonight.

Cyberthrush: Good thing you put a winky face after your clearly preposterous suggestion that a Sheltie would be an "upgrade" over a Boston terrier. Otherwise I might have taken umbrage.

You will notice that I have not dignified McCormac's suggestion that a Corgi is an upgrade. That would only encourage him.

then you certainly don't want to start reading this blog:

Oh my there may be somethin' to these Boston Doggehs afterall... I just saw the last issue of New York Magazine over at Borders:

That last picture is better than an Advil.

Your final picture adds even more evidence to my hypothesis that if you have a cute pet, he becomes even cuter if you cover part of him up. The less that shows, the greater the cuteness.

I've fallen in love with BTs all over again.

YOU are funny: "And he doesn't even need to stick his tongue out to do it." I got dat.

Oh Chet, mah heart be still. You are my one true love and superhero dog. I heart you Chet Baker. Thanks for the Chet fix and emoticons!

The amazing, incomparable Chet Baker! Happy dance and happy day! I missed reading about the little guy's antics, although the zoo and other animals theme is wonderful, Julie.

And Chet Baker's sweater is the best.

PS - I must admit that little French Bulldog is total cuteness. Very bad taste on my part, but I like his little high tops, at least for a photo!

=sigh= That's good medicine with which to start my Friday... sproingy, boingy Bacon. Thanks!

How did you know I was kissin' the screen? Oh, le sigh for the petit French bebe. The one that I know can barely manage the trail where Ferghus and I sometimes walk, and you can hear her determinedly huffpuffing and snorgling about 1/4 mile before she rolls into view. You know me, I'm fickle, if I could I'd have a pack of about 12 dogs, one each of my very favorite breeds.

But Chet Baker could still out-cute the whole lot of them.


Posted by Anonymous February 5, 2010 at 6:41 AM

EXcellent -- pix of a boundlessly joyous boy and two adorably swell kids! Thanks for the triple fix!

There's a new book out that might be right up your alley. It's written by Barbara King and is called- Being with Animals: Why We Are Obsessed With Furry, Scaly, Feathered Creatures Who Populate Our World. If you get a chance to read it I love to know what you think about it. I'm putting it on my "To read" list.
Diana Dugall

Posted by Anonymous February 5, 2010 at 7:47 AM

Look at Chet go!
It's appropriate that he is wearing a red "cape" as he truly is super dog.

O my! Didn't mean to be your catalyst for madness! But so glad to share that little pic with you. It was only one of a group of pics sent to me by a friend and had a title like "How can you not smile?"
Glad I put the brain bug in there for ya!

Oh what a relief it is...

Didn't know I had an itch until it was soothed by a baker post.

I sure love the Bacon! Here is another Boston fan...

Posted by Anonymous February 5, 2010 at 2:55 PM

Those pics are obviously beside the word 'exuberance' in the dictionary.

Our black lab used to jump, twist, rotate and flex in the air like that. She was mixed with a little springer spaniel so she was leaner, springier (huh) and more lithe than most labs. Her big deal was sticks and bubbles.

Clearly there is an abundance of Boston Terrier enthusiasts here. That's OK. But, just have a look at this short vid and you are bound to be converted to Corgism!


we picked the boston for the same reason - a dog that could join us in the bed and on the couch, not having to be picked up (and take long walks in the park too, of course). But there's still a warm fuzzy feeling towards the frenchie. Your pics are fantastic, considering the moving object!

Oh Julie!
I had a 6-year love affair with a Frenchie named Groucho. I have always been a Boston fan, but Groucho came along by happenstance and it was love at first sight. True, he could not jump, and had no desire to hike, but he was My Boy. RIP, Groucho.


Posted by Anonymous February 5, 2010 at 9:05 PM

Snow is falling and what better way to spend the morning than reading about Chet Baker. Thank you for my Baker fix, always a pleasure even as I sit surrounded by his relatives.

Posted by Anonymous February 6, 2010 at 5:58 AM

Julie, could you post your recipe for Zick Dough again? I have never made it but we just got dumped with 2+ feet of snow (in an area that rarely gets more than an inch or two all winter) and I'd like to make some. We're supposed to get more snow Tues & Wed.

We had birds hopping and popping all around our porch yesterday. Had NOTHING but bread crumbs my nephew threw out and popcorn my son threw out. Not ideal, I know but it kept them going through the storm.

Oh and I forgot. Chet, if you ever make it to Delaware, I am a massage therapist and I would love to give you a massage. It's fun when you have an appreciative client.

Holly, we were out of power for 36 can find the recipe here
I made about 20 lb. of suet dough before this storm and have kept the birds going--starlings too, blaaa. Nothing like it!
Good luck!

LOL Same attitude there with my Muska-boston XD

Oh yeah! I am also fans of Chet!

I have a friend with a black French Bulldog. He goes ATV'ing, and camping, etc... If her dog represents the breed then I like French Bulldogs. But my judgement may be a bit flawed, after all I have four silly Shih Tzu's.

*pulling sleeve over my hand, dutifully wiping screen*

Lorelei and Isabelle want to know when THEY get to see Chet again (they are supremely jealous that I get to see him in WV), so we may have to plan a trip to Marietta. We have to come up with some sort of alibi to placate Geoff, who likes dogs but would probably roll his eyes about a four hour trip to see one Boston Terrier.
*insert emoticon here*
**I can't believe you used emoticons**
***Word verification: yaked. I miss Swami.***

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Oh James, please feel free to post this link yourself. I am allergic to the words, "New member? Log in and Register!"
So please, please, feel free to share this post! I'd forgotten about the Frenchy in sneakers. Thanks a LOT for reminding me.

of a French bulldog puppy beset with some ridiculous and obviously unworkable footgear ...

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