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The Best-Dressed Dog

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I rarely dress my dog so he looks cute. I dress him to keep him warm. The cuteness comes with the package. We both like this little Woolrich coat. Woolrich makes the best dog clothes, at least the best ones I can find. All hail Chez Target. And having a dog who's small enough to dress, and who kind of enjoys it.

I have written before about Chet Baker's uppity nature where other dogs are concerned. For some reason, this basic trait of his is amplified when he's got his gang colors on.

Cooper Davis is his best friend. But look out when Chet's wearing a coat. Maybe he's making a pre-emptive strike in case Cooper decides to say something out of the side of that long black snout about Chet's adorable little letter sweater. Cooper can be sarcastic, under the polite veneer.

All afternoon, Chet seems to have something to prove. We approach one of his favorite climbing logs, and Baker's on it in a flash. Try this, Cooper Davis.

Coat or no coat, I climb very well. I would bet that a dog like you could not climb this log.

No one is stopping you from trying, but do not get your hopes up. This is difficult.

I might not move aside should you try. (note how Chet's normally recumbent turd-tail holds the coat up. He's feeling uppity.)

You probably could not go as fast as I can. Many dogs have fallen from this log.

Because most are not as sure-footed as the Boston Terrier.

You are doing all right for a cattle dog, but you will never attain the grace and speed of me, Chet Baker.

It is misty in Goss' Fork
and the bluebirds are already going to bed in what's left of the shagbark hickory on the hill

One looks out of his roost hole

at the distant foggy hills

and when we get home Chet Baker writes his name on the studio birch. Now everyone knows he's the Top Dog

letter sweater and all.


I love this!! I have a Boston Terrier named Simon and he looks JUST like Chet :-)

Move over Baker...I'm in love with Cooper the Cattle dog!

Oh that Chet Baker--he is a most well-dressed dog.
We, on the other hand, have your basic scruffy looking border collie with a perpetual fur coat to ward off all manner of winter weather.

Oh my--word verification: fuzzy!

Ohhhh, possumlady -- blasphemy!!

He is the awesomest letter man I have ever seen! Very neat, reat and compleat is he.

Saw this story the other day and I immedediately thought of Chet's plunge last fall:

Geez, Chet's got range -- he looks adorable nekkid and in fancy duds!

why does the old theme from Mighty Mouse keep playing in my mind ("heeere he comes to save the day...")

I adore Chet more than ever. I recognize "uppity" with Bella being the most uppity of the two. I'm so glad I came here. It was a beautiful walk with great dogs and bluebirds. A nice break away from paperwork ;-)

Christine!!!! Shhhhhhh.

I KID, I KID!! Honestly, my heart is very big when it comes to animals and there is plenty of room for Baker, Cooper, and all the assorted dogs, cats, parrots, hamsters, fish, bats, et al. that I have come to know (and love) in the blogsphere!

I'm kinda feeling like a bad mommy. My big boys don't have letter sweaters. But I wonder...would they look as cute as Chet Baker even if they did? hhmmmmm.

Sue Roberts

Posted by Anonymous February 26, 2010 at 9:18 AM

He is a most handsome dog with or without his colors on. I agree Target has great clothes for dogs.
I don't tend to dress up my Boston(Cooper) either. I'll put his sweater on to go outside esp. this winter. (NJ) When he comes in the house he sits and won't move til I take it off. He does a shake with a run and all is forgivin.
Julie thank you soooo much for this blog. Always puts a smile on my face.

Ahhh .... another Friday after The Workweek From Hell and a check-in with The World of What Really Matters. My little "Chet Bakers" are gathered 'round, two on my lap, Yoda and Wolfie, the other two nestled in their favorite nest-spots. The only difference, of course, is that mine are Feline (as in "KING OF BEASTS"). My Pride of Lions have agreed that Chet Baker, with his cuteness, strength, agility, photogenic qualities, high probability of catching a chipmunk, and cuddliness, merits the distinction of "Honorary Cat". They hereby designate him as a "Puma-nator" Supreme, entitled to Nine Lives, a lifetime of fashionable outerwear, the right to drink running water out of the sink, and dreams of pouncing on bunnies/squirellies/birdies/mousies for the rest of his days.

A treat today - Chet Baker in the snow in his snuggly red coat.

I am a fan of Cooper Davis too, he and Chet are quite the canine odd couple! It is funny how little Chet with his big personality holds his own and then dominates big Cooper!

But Chet Baker, please do not be so cocky about climbing high places. As I recall, you are the little fella who tumbled from a cliff, terrifying your Mether and all of us.

Chet Baker - the goodest googly eyed guy of all!

Thanks so much for the smiles.

Ditto to what cyberthrush said! I guess he can no longer be called adorable?

Bella just a rhinestone studded pink collar just after her first bath...see FB photo album for pics. Having raised them 3 boyz, I'm not a big fan of pink, but it suits her. Especially sleeping on my favorite snuggling with MY honey watching TV. I will not introduce her to CB. She'd be a goner for that letter sweater.

An adorable post!! :) Chet ALWAYS makes me smile.

Never a dull moment when Chet Baker's around! What a fun day he had.
Loved seeing those bluebirds in the tree holes. I've only seen that once in the wild.

OK, OK - I give. I can see that as a potential MOBT (Mother Of a Boston Terrier) I am going to *have* to give in and buy dog clothes. Still, I'm going to insist on one thing: Utilitarian sweaters and coats for bad weather only. Halloween costumes and prom dresses need not apply.

Target is the place for Woolrich dog clothes, huh? I can do that.

~Kathi, sending snuffly kisses to CB

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