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Goat #43

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Playing King of the Mountain on a pile of coolers. Goats love to get up on things.Goat #43 is, I believe, the highly personable creative genius behind the small band of jailbreakers who roam Pipe Dreams Farm, slipping under the fences and getting into all kinds of goaty mischief. Although just a kid, #43 is smart and sassy and very, very sweet.
She kept approaching me, just wanting attention. Her horns were startlingly warm in the chill winter air, a detail I always forget about until I'm around goats. I guess there's blood supply in horns, because they bleed if they're broken or cut.

It wasn't long before I got down to #43's level and gave her some proper lovin', including nose by Phoebe Linnea Thompson
I could really get into keeping goats, if I could figure out a way that it was compatible with traveling oh, nearly constantly. Maybe I could be a nomad, and drive my goats up the jetway with a stick, just take them along. It's a thought. I'll have to check the by Phoebe Linnea Thompson

A goat, I think, is much like a dog, except that it gives useful milk.


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