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For All The Stinkers on Your List

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

...the perfect gift.

I met a woman named Diane in New Mexico. She's had Flower since she (the skunk) was one day old. Flower's pretty imprinted on people, and unreleasable, so she's the ideal education skunk for The Wildlife Center. Ooh, I'm jealous. I've always wanted to raise a skunk or two.

Diane just sent me some pictures of Flower checking out Letters from Eden. Just a reminder for all you folks looking for that perfect after-Christmas, anytime gift...I'll sign it for you.This time last year I was taking garden cartloads of boxed books to the Whipple post office. And I wondered why I had no time to Christmas shop or wrap presents or do anything but paddle madly to stay afloat...I'm thrilled not to be handling a holiday rush on book sales. Almost 800 individually-signed and boxed copies later, I've had my fill of fulfillment for awhile.

Just got in from recording three more NPR commentaries in Athens, and leisurely shopping for stocking stuffers. What a blast. I never do stuff like that. Had a nice Reuben at a diner and did some people watching; saw a college girl in a long black trenchcoat, rainbow scarf, Raggedy Ann striped tights and dreadlocks skip across the street. That was cool, something I don't get to see every day. I used to skip, too, when I wasn't rolling along on red Krypto skatewheels.

Thanks for the pictures of sweet Flower, Diane. You made my day. Mustelids rule!


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