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The Pepperoni Pup

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

There are two pieces of pepperoni on Liam's plate. I do not think that anyone else has noticed this. And I am sure that no one knows what I am thinking about doing, because I am playing it off so well.
Yes. Pepperoni and cheese. These are two of my favorite things.
Two things about having a very short muzzle is that it makes you very cute, but it can be difficult to pick up pepperoni on a slippery plate. I am quite sure now that nobody else wants this pepperoni, or someone would have said something.
I have to be very discreet about this. I would not want anyone to think that I was stealing the pepperoni. The American Gentleman never steals. He samples.

I really must get better leverage. At the risk of looking like I am stealing it ( which I am certainly not, I am only tasting it) I will very quickly get a paw up on the table and get....the....damn....pepperoni....steady... now.....ummmph!

Oh, the farts I will produce with the sweet spicy fuel of preserved meats! That was delicious, and I believe I have completely gotten away with it. She is still taking pictures and she is laughing now, and she has not said my name in an unpleasant way, even once. Life is very good.
What? WHAT?


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How wonderful! I love Bostons too. My puppies are as spoiled as your baby.:)

I'm trying to find the time to add to my blog but I am so busy, but you are too.:) I guess I will have to make the time to do so.

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