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Chet Baker Turns 8!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I know I promised a Baker Meets Drusilla video. But that will have to wait. Today is Chet Baker's eighth birfday and it is time to stop and celebrate the wonderfulness of Chet Baker, Boston Terrier. Forget the durn cussy bat.

Them things is hyper.

 Except when they're not. Then, he's the best living teddy bear you ever held. Spotteh Brisket, anyone? Excuse me, I have to gnaw on my dog now.

Dogs teach us how to love fully, how to love with an open heart, without fear of being turned away. I have watched Chet teach Liam that gentle lesson. They've grown up together. Liam was only five when Chet came into his life!

The Bacon and I are roughly the same physical age this year. We've decided to be fabulous fifty-somethings. The best damn fifty-somethings you ever saw. Grabbing life and chewing it to smithereens.

Mether. Is that all the faster you can run? Pick it up. I am waiting.

We exercise together every day. But when we kick back, we kick back. Chet Baker don't care. He's sleepy. And he doesn't even have wine as an excuse.

 Oh, to be loved like this puppeh is loved. I would wish that for everyone.

Happeh Birfday, Chet Baker! Let's go for eight more.


Happy birthday, Chet Baker :) What an adorable and touching birthday homage!

Bugs says "Happy Birthday, Chet Baker!" And so do I. Gnaw on him a bit for me, eh?

Happy Birthday Chet Baker from your Boston Terrier friend, Fenway Underfoot Woodard, in Milwaukee, WI!! I am only three - but I do some of the same FUN things YOU do!! :-) I especially love googlepussing along the beach at Lake Michigan!

Posted by Anonymous December 12, 2012 at 8:27 AM

Happy birthday, Chet Baker! You are fabulous!

Chet have a wonderfully happy birthday, from all of your fans here in the Wentz household! Laura & Marissa (people), Katie & Izzy (fellow Boston Terriers), Zoe, Wilbur, Twinkie, and Stella (Border Collies) and Curly friend to Border Collies and snuggler of the Boston Terriers.

That last photo moved me to both laughter and tears. If only the depths of our love for each other could gift them with a life as long as ours!!!

Happy Birthday Chet Baker!
Amos is hoping to grow up to be just like you! You're a great role model.

Happy birfday, Chet Baker, the bestest doggeh on the planet...well, in addition to Jay Jay the Yeller Lab who still smells like maple syrup at the ripe old age of 6.

Here's a song: (sung to the tune of "Land of 1000 Dances" by Chris Kenner)
Got to know how to Nibble
Your Giblets & Kibble
Tear those cardboard boxes
To get those rawhide & sox, yes!
Put your paws on your snout, Woot!
Emanations come out, Toot!
When you eat chicken livers
Then git under the kivvers

Urp! Uh!


In all sorts of weather
Go runnin' with Mether
Lick Phoebe and Liam
Whenever you see 'em
Roll over on your back
And get a tummeh scratch
Daddeh's no slouch
When he's loungin' on the couch

What it work now!


Ow! Chew it!
Wow! Poo it!
Watch me do it
Roo, help me!
Rrrrrooooo, help me!
Urp, help me!
Grrrrrrrr, help me!

It is not often that I burn to know who Anonymous might be. Even more seldom do I want to know for good reasons. This is priceless. Thank you, Anon.

While I do LUVS me some Shelties, I'm truthfully more a cat person (and bird person… and rabbit person… and guinea pig person… and turtle person…) than a dog person, and when I first saw Chet I thought he was a lot of hype! (…notice I didn't say 'hyper')… but all these yrs. later, as The Monkees would say, I'm A Believer!! Happy B-day Bacon! may you get plenty to chew to smithereens today!

We all love that pup. Happy birthday you furry, funny rascal.

Every birfday year, we keep wishing the clock will stop as their lives fly by too quickly. Let's cherish his next 8 birfdays!!! Love, M

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Happy Birfday to you Chet Baker. There is no greater love than the love of (and for!) a dog. You are the bestest of doggehs -- knowing when to sit quietly and absorb hugs & kisses, but also knowing when to have fun & run crazily with wild googly eyes. A true gentleman exhibiting the best qualities of the bully breeds! I am happy to have made your personal acquaintance and shared hugs & kisses with you. XOX & many more birfdays.
P.S. Holly wanted to share some birfday treats with you -- watch your mailbox for a package.....

Thanks for your sharing, it's a good post, keep going and support you.

Happy Birthday Chet! Miss you!

Chet, sorry I am tardy with my Birthday salutations and best wishes but the tardynet was slower than molasses in January. Yes I have actually seen how slow molasses pours in January.

Keep bringing joy and laughter to all of us who know you.

Even Crash the cat and his sidekick Oz send their best wishes.

Chet Baker, you is the finest canine creature I have ever beheld. (And been invasively kissed by, I might add.) And you're charming as the day is long. The world is a much better, brighter, and more contrasty place because you're in it.

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